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Xiaomi’s working on a foldable phone to take on Samsung

Xiaomi Bendable Phone
Image Via: GizmoChina

Xiaomi and Oppo are reportedly joining the foldable smartphone race, arriving as late entries after Samsung and Huawei have already led the charge. All four companies are planning to launch a flexible handset next year.

Industry sources told ETNews that Xiaomi is looking into using an out-folding method for its device. This is in contrast to Samsung and Huawei which are both said to be adopting an in-folding method. This will help the Chinese brand distinguish itself from its rivals.

Xiaomi Foldable Phone Rumors

Not much is known about the project at the moment. It seems Xiaomi will try to combat Samsung by launching its bendable phone as a premium product with a lower price point. The South Korean brand is apparently going to market its foldable device as a super premium product with rates as high as $2000.

Huawei is supposedly gunning to become the first phone manufacturer in the world to announce a flexible smartphone. However, the article asserts that it’s going to do this by unveiling the products which have been completed to the fullest extent, but not ready for mass production.

Xiaomi is seemingly going to kick off mass production immediately after launching the bendable handset. Its product planning and development period is apparently set to be shorter than its rivals. This might result in less product completeness. Its basic strategy is to grab market share in China with a reasonable cost.

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Samsung has probably been working on its foldable phone far longer than the others. It’s been testing prototypes for years, carefully evaluating the durability and user experience. Mass production will likely begin soon, with a product launch in January at the CES 2019 if all goes as planned.

2019 looks like it’ll be a year of innovation for the world’s major Android companies. No one wants to be left behind in the race towards flexible smartphones. This could all be a massive flop of course, but it’s tough to say right now.