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Xiaomi unveils 10000mAh Mi Powerbank Pro

Xiaomi Mi Powerbank Pro

Xiaomi has launched a new powerbank dubbed the Mi Powerbank Pro, an upgraded version of the previous 10000mAh model. The gadget has only been launched in China as of now, with no word on when it could arrive in India or other international markets.

The 10000mAh Mi Powerbank Pro is priced at CNY 149 (approx $22 or Rs 1500). Xiaomi is touting its portability with the fact that it’s 42% thinner than the earlier model thanks to a thickness of 12.58mm as opposed to 22mm. The brand goes as far as to say the new device could be mistaken for a 5000mAh power bank.

The Mi Powerbank Pro has additionally been blessed with USB Type-C support. The brand further promises to deliver shorter charging times thanks to the gadget’s maximum input of 18W. It claims an ordinary 5V/2A powerbank takes up to 2 hours 30 minutes to charge the Mi Note Pro completely, while the Pro completes the deed within 1 hour 50 minutes.

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Even charging the Xiaomi offering is supposedly quicker compared to other 5V/2A powerbanks. As per the company, the first takes 3.5 hours and the second takes 6 hours. In order to demonstrate its capacity, the company asserts it can be used to fuel the Mi Note 2.5 times, the iPhone 6 four times and the iPad mini 1.5 times.

Another top highlight of the Mi Powerbank Pro is its ability to juice up the Mi Band and Mi Bluetooth Earphone. The manufacturer says many consumers complained about previous powerbanks being unable to charge these accessories, so it’s decided to take notice of their feedback and introduce the feature in this version.

We’ll keep you updated as and when Xiaomi decides to release the Mi Powerbank Pro in India.