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Xiaomi unveils slim 5000mAh power bank in China, price set at just 49 Yuan

Recharging smartphones on the go is something Xiaomi is getting pretty serious about, even as the company is constantly introducing new power banks, with the latest one among them being a 5000mAh model that has been unveiled in China. Priced at 49 Yuan, this travel accessory happens to be quite slim, as it bears a profile of just 9.9mm.

This makes the device an easy one to handle and carry in your pockets if you wish to. Powered by lithium-ion polymer batteries, this 5000mAh gadget can charge the iPhone 6 1.8 times and the iPhone 5S 2.2 times if it itself has been charged up to its limit.

Xiaomi Power Bank

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A 9-fold circuit protection built by Texas Instruments has been deployed into this new power bank by Xiaomi. Apart from offering a neat shelter to its components, this aspect also helps in enhancing its charge-discharge efficiency.

This 5000mAh battery pack ships enclosed inside an all-aluminum metal case which can take a maximum load weight of 50kgs before damaging itself. Apart from charging smartphones and tablets, it can also be used to light up USB-powered bulbs in case of power outages.

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Xiaomi has equipped this power accessory with all sorts of protective features that shield it against irregular temperatures, input overvoltage, output over-current, output overvoltage, battery overcharge and over-discharge and more. Moreover, it also kicks in hardware-level battery short circuit overcurrent protection.

The 5000mAh power bank by Xiaomi has gone on sale today in China at 49 Yuan which roughly translates to around $8 or Rs 500. There’s no word out at the moment regarding when it will be made available in other markets.

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