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Xiaomi Smart Mask to Offer Users Live Updates on Air Quality


Xiaomi Air Pollution Mask
Xiaomi currently sells regular air pollution masks that do not feature smart technology or sensors for collecting data

Xiaomi has reportedly been granted a patent over some sort of smart mask which will be able to offer real-time updates on the quality of air the user is breathing. So just in case you’re up for dealing with constant anxiety because your life isn’t tough enough, this is it.

But all jokes aside, such an anti-pollution mask ought to come in very handy for people in various professions such as first respondents and employees working in potentially hazardous manufacturing environments for starters.

Even ordinary citizens living in hellishly polluted cities like Delhi (India), Faisalabad (Pakistan) and Hotan (China) to name a few, are likely to find use for Xiaomi’s smart mask. According to the application listed on the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) website, sensors on the mask will collect live data.

This information will then be processed by a computing unit integrated into the mask itself. Users might be able to gain an insight into the quality of the air they’re being exposed to by beaming the data onto connected devices like their smartphones.

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In addition to the aforementioned functionalities, the battery-powered Xiaomi smart mask will also be designed to notify users about any abnormal breathing patterns detected, the total amount of ‘wearing time’ left, their breath count and the extent of pollution from which they’ve been saved.

Xiaomi already sells face masks, of course. This patent detailed above deals with a smart mask that processes air pollution in real time. It’s possible that we will have similar protection against threats such as the Novel Coronavirus and other air-borne diseases in the future.