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Xiaomi has its own rewards program in India now

Xiaomi Reward Mi

Xiaomi’s launched its very own rewards program in India, promising exclusive discounts and priority passes to those who sign up for it. Simply called Reward Mi, the brand is kicking off the initiative by giving away 50 Mi Tokens as a welcome gesture to every new member.

Mi Tokens are the building blocks towards F-Codes and discount coupons. They can be earned by playing games, participating in events, and sharing product pages on social media. They can also be generated by buying Mi products, with 10% of the total transaction value going towards Mi Tokens.

For instance, snapping up a Mi device worth Rs 10000 will grant a person 1000 Mi Tokens upon delivery of the product. If a person’s Xiaomi purchase gets delivered between May 1 and June 15, they’ll be eligible to receive 10% of the transaction as Mi Tokens, capped to 2000 units.

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As for the benefits, F-codes are useful during flash sales since it allows people to add a Xiaomi product to their shopping cart even if it’s not in stock for others. Moreover, they can be shared with family and friends. That’s not the case with a user’s hard-won discount coupons since they’re only linked to their account.

It should be noted that Mi Tokens eventually expire within a year or two. This is all just the first phase of the Reward Mi program. Xiaomi plans to eventually expand into referral-based token-earning, express delivery options, and early access to sales.

You can sign up for Reward Mi here and earn some tokens here.