Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 review: Best budget phablet


Fingerprint Scanner

An all-metal body hardly ever fails to impress, but it’s particularly impressive that Xiaomi has been able to grant it to a phone costing less than Rs 10000. We’re looking at an aluminum shell that has been anodized and sand-blasted to make the surface feel nice on your palms. This shell curves all the way up to the front surface, acting as a tiny accent to the screen. For a metal phone, the Redmi Note 3 feels quite light to hold. Its 164 gram weight is definitely a plus for those who don’t like too much bulk. Since it carries a 4050mAh battery, the thickness is a compromise you will have to deal with. At 8.7mm, it is quite chunky by today’s standards.

The front of this smartphone is not much different from that of the Note 2 model, although the capacitive keys are in a white color this time rather than in red. Surprisingly, the 5.5-inch display has not been coated with Gorilla Glass; so it’s advisable to be a little careful while handling the phone. Flipping the device onto its back reveals the camera and the flash, but the most glaring feature here is the fingerprint scanner sitting below these two. It’s extremely fast and accurate at recognizing your print, and works even when the phone is in sleep mode. The sides are pretty standard. One thing worth mentioning is that we now have a hybrid SIM slot rather than a proper dual SIM slot. This means you can either use a second SIM or an SD card simultaneously; never both.