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Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Review & Comparison

Xiaomi Mi Band 2

Fitness bands have become a dime a dozen nowadays, with few able to stand out of the crowd when it comes to features. The Xiaomi Mi Band 2 is one such wearable, plowing ahead by virtue of having a heart rate sensor and an OLED screen at an affordable price tag. We put the device through a series of tests in our video review (see below) to help you determine if it’ll be able to keep up with your fitness needs.

The Mi Band 2 arrives on the heels of the original Mi Band’s legacy. The older device was a big success by all accounts. As we discovered in the course of our review, the newer model improves upon it in a number of ways.

Other than the aforementioned heart rate sensor and OLED panel, the Mi Band 2 also adds IP67 certification to the mix. This could be key to the wearable fitting into your lifestyle since it means the device won’t fall apart at the slightest hint of rain or sweat.

One key area which we set out to test thoroughly was the pedometer. This is the main draw for most fitness accessories and we decided to uncover which one out of the Mi Band 2, Mi Band, and GoQii Life delivered the most accurate results.

The Mi Band 2 is currently available via Amazon India and Xiaomi’s site priced at Rs 1999.

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