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Xiaomi announces December 8 event in New York

Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite
Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite

Xiaomi has been looking to break into the US market for years and it looks like the Chinese brand is making its first major move into the country. The company has announced a big event taking place on December 8 in New York without actually mentioning what’s being launched.

Strangely enough, Xiaomi made the event official through Reddit and not through its other social media handles. The post was uploaded by the brand’s Operational Project Manager for the North American region, Aaron Yang, so it does appear to be legit.

Xiaomi US Event

Yang is asking fans to join it for a party where it’ll showcase the “latest and greatest Xiaomi products.” They’ll also get to meet its team, special guests, and “notable celebrities.” He’s asking people to sign up through a registration form. The firm’s US team will get in touch with anyone who makes the cut.

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Folks who live in the US will get first preference, no surprise since the event appears to focus on creating a buzz around the brand in the nation. While Chinese counterparts like Huawei and ZTE have been outright banned from entering the US, OnePlus just recently teamed up with T-Mobile to sell the OnePlus 6T to great success.

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It’s possible that Xiaomi has finally found a US carrier partner to help it gain some credibility among US consumers. All it sells are accessories like electric scooters and power banks right now. Smartphones are the next big frontier and its main bread and butter.

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There’s no way to know which devices Xiaomi will showcase at the December 8 event. It could go premium with the Mi Mix 3 or budget with the Android One-running Mi A2. It might even come out with a new handset. We’ll have to wait for a month to find out what the brand is up to.