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Xiaomi admits it shows ads in Settings menu after user outcry

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Image Credit: chootingfeng/Reddit

Xiaomi has never been shy about displaying ads throughout MIUI, but it recently took things too far. It seems the brand has begun placing ads in the Settings menu of all places.

A Reddit user got the ball rolling when he posted a screenshot of the MIUI Settings app recently. An ad for earning money in Kuala Lumpur can be seen prominently near the top. He notes that the number of advertisements have increased ever since he updated to MIUI 8.9.13 even though he’s switched ad recommendations off.

Xiaomi’s Ad Policy

Even the default music player and other MIUI apps display an ad when they’re opened. This is getting to be a bit too much for people, especially with the Settings app. Xiaomi has now responded to the outcry by clarifying its advertising policies and promising to change its ways.

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Xiaomi told The Verge that advertising has and always will be an integral part of its internet services. These services are, in turn, a key component of its business model. This adds up, since most of its phones are mid-rangers being sold at dirt-cheap rates. Ads allow it to continue doing this since they’d subsidize the cost of manufacturing.

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In that light, it makes sense for Xiaomi to sell as many affordable devices as possible so its ads reach the widest number of people. Amazon follows a similar policy with its smartphones, only it tells buyers up-front about this and gives them the option to pay extra to make the ads go away.

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Xiaomi’s now planning to offer options to switch off ads. It’s further going to adjust where these promotions appear. It didn’t present a timeline for when this will happen though, so you’ll have to deal with these annoying ads in the meantime.