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Xbox 360 Prices in Europe Slashed Up To 20%

Xbox 360 Prices Slashed

Believe it or not, from 14th March onwards, the Xbox 360 will be available at slashed down prices in Europe. The latest drastic price drop move by Microsoft is to lure more gamers towards the next-gen gaming console and also enhance the sales of the Xbox-compatible titles.

The Arcade pack will have a recommended retail price of £159.99 down from £199.99 and the Premium pack will be £199.99 down from £259.99. In addition, Microsoft has also lowered the price of its entry-level Xbox Arcade Console from £299 to £259.

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Microsoft is anticipating that that the spring launch of several hot game titles including Grand Theft Auto IV and Rock Band will further boost demand for the system.

Meanwhile, Microsoft dropped its HD DVD player after Toshiba ceased production of the drive inside.

The latest move makes it very clear that Microsoft is wanting to someway or the other overcome the Xbox 360’s falling sales and the best way to do that would be to slash the prices of the console. In fact, the new price structure makes the 360 even cheaper than Nintendo’s Wii.

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