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Xbox 360 Live Vision Camera lets you Scan your Face into Rainbow Six Vegas

Microsoft’s Xbox 360 certainly did create ripples in the gaming arena, but its latest accessory the Xbox Live Vision Camera, which hit U.K earlier this month, is something that could be compared with one of those futuristic sci-fi movies.

It may almost feel as though you are getting shot at. This is definitely one step closer to virtual reality. Imagine you being in the game. Now that is something! Check out this neat video which demonstrates how the Xbox Live Vision Camera works for Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six Vegas.

Although Xbox Live Vision Camera’s direct use in Xbox 360 gaming is currently limited, expansion is definitely on the cards for Microsoft. This is just the beginning. Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six Vegas, which is due on November 17, allows you to map your face onto multiplayer avatars.

Xbox 360 console owners who buy this peripheral will be able to scan their face into the game. Using persistent elite creation, Rainbow Six takes your face and crafts it into a 3D head that is completely recognizable as yourself.

The face is just the beginning of customization, as your avatar’s body can be built from the ground up and then layered with uniforms, armor (for individual body parts) and original camouflage. Equipment can be placed on top of other equipment to create heavily-armed soldiers that appear battle-worn. This allows players to create teams that are armed like S.W.A.T. members, S.A.S., mercenaries and a myriad of other military types.

There are millions of combinations, which makes the chance of running into another player online that looks like you very rare. The detail goes right down to the type of camouflage on each individual piece of armor and the ability to heavily arm your shooting shoulder for extra protection. As a player moves up in rank, new equipment is unlocked. Gamers can also unlock and create their own camouflage and colors for their own tactical teams.