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Xbox 360 HD DVD Player Price Dropped to $129.99, reveals Microsoft

Xbox 360 HD DVD Player

Believe it or not, prices of the Xbox 360 HD DVD Player have slashed from a whooping $179.99 to $129.99, from Microsoft’s end itself. This means that the system is now $50 cheaper. This kind of a discount was being offered by retailers in the past, but now it comes officially from Microsoft.

Though Japan will be getting a cheaper Xbox 360 version soon, it isn’t lucky enough to avail of the $129.99 Xbox 360 HD DVD Players. As of now only US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand residents can enjoy the new prices.

Furthermore, the 5 free HD DVD offer still stands valid, wherein buyers will get the movies via mail-in rebate courtesy of Toshiba.

So in short, you get the official Microsoft Xbox 360 HD DVD player bundled with 5 free HD DVDs, which can be regarded as quite a steal.

This exciting piece of news was revealed by Xbox spokes Major Nelson via his weblog.

The Xbox 360 HD DVD player was originally priced at $200, after which Microsoft announced a $20 drop to it in July 2007.

One of the reasons that could be behind Microsoft making such a move would be its effort to push HD DVD player sales to get a larger installed user base to contend with the Blu-ray format, which is an outright winner thanks to the Blu-ray player’s incorporation in Sony’s PS3. However Microsoft states that they are not restricted to the HD DVD format and may support Blu-Ray in the future.

All the same Microsoft also insists that the price drop is not to clear out the present stock, but is rather a response to the consumer demand as experienced during Q4 of 2007.