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Xbox 360 beats Sony PS3 sales in Japan

Xbox logo Sony PS3 seems to be losing its charm in its own home country. Apparently, the Microsoft Xbox 360 has overtaken the Japanese gaming console in terms of sales statistics.

As per the sales figure that are being talked about on the net reveal that Xbox 360 has sold 53,547 units in Japan as compared to 33,071 units of PS3 sold in the same month of September.

The Xbox 360 seems to have soared in sales because of the many RPG titles it came out with plus the price cut in Japan also helped. The Xbox 360 Elite model with 120 GB HDD and HDMI was offered for as low as 39,800 Yen in Japan.

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There is more that the sales figures are revealing. The Nintendo DS is seen to be the highest sold console in the month of September with 61,242 units being sold.

Nintendo’s very own Wii has been reported to have sold 29,921 units while the PSP follows with 28,674.

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