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Wrike’s Online Project Management Tools for Any Team


There is a great number of project managing software available right now, but few are as comprehensive and efficient as Wrike. This highly useful online project management app was named an industry leader in G2 Crowd’s Summer 2016 Project Management Software Grid. Wrike scored the highest among similar software competitors in terms of customer satisfaction and market presence.

One of the reasons why this tool has grown so much lately could be its focus on specific teams that can use it. Wrike has tailored its features for people in marketing roles, creative jobs, even to those working in product development.

With its all-encompassing Dashboard, project managers are able to get a complete real-time view of everything their team is working on. Wrike’s web-based tools for project management allow managers to monitor progress via interactive timelines and the Gantt chart maker, keep track of team performance, even create workload reports that the entire team can see.

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Another great feature of Wrike is its integration with third-party services. For instance, the compatibility with the Adobe Creative Cloud enables you to attach your Adobe files to Wrike and even edit without first needing to download the files. Your team can review the file and suggest changes seamlessly.

And the best part is that Wrike is not just limited to your laptop or desktop. There are mobile apps for both iOS and Android, giving you access to your work while on the go.

Up to five users can access the basic features of Wrike’s project management tool for free, but if you want enhanced features and support for up to 15 users, you’ll have to opt for the Professional plan which costs $10 per user per month. A Business plan with more superior features can be taken advantage by up to 200 users at $25 per user per month.

If you want to give Wrike a spin, visit the official website to start a free trial.