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World’s Most Expensive Phones

Flashing the world’s most expensive phone option that boasts of going ‘tring with a bling’ is the best palm candy one can invest in, especially if they have some extra money lying around. Now if you happen to fall under that fortunate category or are simply curious to know just how much people are willing to pay for a mobile gadget, then we suggest you read on.

World's Most Expensive Phone

We’ve gathered a complete set of awe-inspiring options that are drenched in precious metals, jewels and a lot more.

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1 – Goldvish Le Million:

Goldvish Le Million

Just as the name suggests, this exquisite handset will cost you a little more than a million dollars. And with good reason. It shines brightly with a solid 18 karat white gold casing that’s encrusted with 120 carat VVS-1 diamonds and a sapphire glass display. The total weight of this puppy amounts to 350gms. The company also offers exclusive crocodile leather inlays for the backside which comes in 12 different hues. Talking about its tech specs, the device includes a 2MP camera with 8x zoom, MP3 player, global FM radio receiver, Bluetooth, 2GB memory, and high capacity Li-ion 950mAh battery. It further provides up to 400 hours of standby time. The exact price on the tag reads as $1.45 million.

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2 – Stuart Hughes Diamond Rose:

Stuart Hughes Diamond Rose

Wondering how this particular entrant in our roster got its name? Well, the bezel featured here is handcrafted from rose gold and encrusted with around 500 individual flawless diamonds, which amount to 100 carats in totality. But that’s not all. The rear of the gadget is fashioned using rose gold and an Apple logo with 53 diamonds. And watch where your fingers go as the main navigation button comprises of platinum and a single cut 7.4 carat pink diamond. The 32GB portable device comes complete with a rare 8 carat single cut flawless diamond and imperial pink chest that’s chiseled from a single block of granite. Priced at £5,000,000, there are only 2 models currently available in the market.

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3 – Peter Aloisson Ancort Diamond Crypto:

Peter Aloisson Ancort Diamond Crypto

This beautiful piece of artwork is created out of solid platinum 950 and gleams with 25 1/2 carat princess cut diamonds that are laid out on either side of the handset. Coming to the navigation button, you’ll be able to espy 28 round cut diamonds with an approximate weight of 1.5 carats sitting firmly there in the middle. Furthermore, the Ancort logo and the navigation key are created with 18 karat rose gold or 18 karat yellow gold. The on/off button also sports some zing with a cut-to-shape diamond of around 1 carat. As far as the price is concerned, it bears a cost of approximately $1.3 million.

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4 – Stuart Hughes Goldstriker Supreme:

Stuart Hughes Goldstriker Supreme

Another Apple delight makes its way into our list and yet again, it’s by Stuart Hughes. The complete chassis is crafted with 271gms of 22 karat solid gold. As revealed by the brains behind this sparkling endeavor, the front bezel is encrusted with 136 flawless diamonds color F which amounts to a whopping 68 carats in total. Similar to the aforesaid SH gadget, the Apple logo situated on the rear of the device is made of solid gold and bears 53 flawless diamonds. If you flip the Apple delight, you’ll be able to see a single cut 7.1 carat very rare diamond. This telecommunication treasure comes packed in a chest that’s fashioned out of granite and Kashmir gold which tips the scales at 7kgs. Factory unlocked for global use, the Midas-inspired handset is priced at £1,920,000.

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5 – Gresso Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot:

Gresso Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot

Well, you would certainly need to win a jackpot in order to get your hands on the fifth brilliantly-crafted handful, especially if you aren’t a millionaire. This device is an amalgamation of 18 carat gold and magnificent black diamonds. And as you may have already fathomed, the royal appearance is inspired by the aesthetics of modern Las Vegas as well as the treasures of ancient Egypt. Sporting a chassis made out of pure gold, this costly gadget is encrusted with 45.5 carat black diamonds. Adding to the beauty of this 12mm thin masterpiece is its back panel that’s crafted out of 200-year old African Blackwood. The keyboard also bears a tinge of glimmer as each key is fashioned from a single crystal sapphire whose total carat weight reads as 32. This one too hits the mighty million mark and is available for $1,000,000.

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6 – Stuart Hughes Elite Gold:

Stuart Hughes Elite Gold

As the cherry on top, we’ve saved the best for last. Making a grand entry into our lineup, this royal handset bears a bezel that’s fitted with around 500 individual flawless diamonds whose total clocks in over 100 carats. When the 64GB device is flipped on its belly, you’ll be able to gaze upon a 24 karat gold Apple logo encrusted with 53 diamonds. The main navigation button is further infused with gold and a single cut 8.6 carat diamond as well as a rare 7.4 carat single cut flawless pink diamond as its replacement. This one too forays across the scenario in style. It comes seated in a solid platinum box that bears polished pieces of original T-Rex dinosaur bone, Pietersite, Opal, Rutile, Charoite, star sun-stone and quartz. And if you were holding your breath in anticipation of the cost well, the Apple pie will set you back by an exorbitant £6,000,000.

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Although a mobile’s primary function may be communication, there are many fashionistas out there who want to make a strong style statement while keeping in touch with acquaintances and loved ones. Now catering to the requirements of these high maintenance individuals are makers like Stuart Hughes, Peter Aloisson, and Gresso. The glamorous gadgets are dressed up complete with shine and shimmer, and will surely turn heads as the trendy tech enthusiasts parade around with the handsets.

Now if you were to purchase any of the gems in our aforementioned world’s most expensive phones array, which one would it be? Do let us know about your exquisite tastes by leaving a comment or two in the box below.

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