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World of Warcraft Bot Maker sued by Blizzard

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Warcraft maker Blizzard has sued a programmer who has reportedly developed a tool that automates actions within one of the company’s renowned game title World of Warcraft (WoW).

The accused programmer Michael Donnely has been dragged to court by software maker Blizzard’s parent firm Vivendi, over a “bot” which he operates inside the ever-popular World of Warcraft MMO. This tool enables characters to perform actions even in the absence of the real player. This tool has apparently sold as many as 100,000 copies at a cost of $25 each.

Blizzard shoots out by saying that the program termed “MMO Glider” violates the title’s copyrights and also spoils the fun for other players.

Speaking to the US court, Blizzard stated, “Blizzard’s designs expectations are frustrated, and resources are allocated unevenly, when bots are introduced into the WoW universe, because bots spend far more time in-game than an ordinary player would and consume resources the entire time.”

Before the official legal case was issued, reps of the company came to Donnelly’s house, intimidating him and ordering him to stop distribution of the tool. However, the actions upset the programmer, note his legal submissions.

“When they arrived, they presented Donnelly with a copy of a complaint that they indicated would be filed the next day in the US District Court for the Central District of California if Donnelly did not immediately agree to stop selling Glider and return all profits that he made from Glider sales,” his lawyers mentioned.

The other side of the sword – Donnelly retorts stating that his software is very much in the limitations of the law. However, Blizzard feels that since the software copies the game into computer memory, the game’s End User Agreement is breached.

As of now, all that’s known on the legal end is that legal summaries of both the parties have been presented to a court in Arizona and judgment in the case is being awaited.

WoW is one of the most loved MMO ever in the history of gaming and around 10 million play this title.