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Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate Review

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate

Everyone must need a video conversion tool at some point in their life; there’s no escaping the fact. It could be for YouTube or a special occasion or a work/college project or your own entertainment requirements. There are a lot of online and offline options when it comes to such software and the one we’re going to review today is Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate which you can check out here.

User friendly interface:
Those who mainly access the Internet to stream content from sites likes Netflix, Hulu, YouTube and so on may not feel a pressing need to use a conversion utility. But if you have a spotty connection or simply like to hoard entertainment, chances are that you’ve looked up how to convert AVI to MP4 or some other format and have come across Wondershare’s offering.

It’s among the most popular video converters for good reason. Lots of folks find the idea of tinkering with software they do not work with routinely quite intimidating. Take away the problem of a complicated user interface and hesitation to tango with such tools disappears instantly. Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate does wonders on this front. Its interface is ridiculously simple to understand and use from the get-go.

Video Conversion Tool
If you don’t know what format to choose, simply pick the device for which you’re converting it.

Features available: On top of offering editing tools for videos, the software promises blazing fast video conversion speeds, the ability to download YouTube and other web content with a click, and the option to burn DVDs. You can also record videos from any website and cast media files to a TV screen. Videos can be converted into numerous formats and for various devices from Apple to Samsung to VR-capable gear and much more.

Using Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate: Downloading and installing the software is as easy as pie. Once you’ve downloaded it, the setup process runs smoothly and you have to tick just a couple of boxes like the user agreement for one. You can first get the Trial version if you’re not sure about it. Buying it for PC or Mac costs $40 for a yearly license or $60 for a lifetime license. You can also purchase a family or business license, if necessary.

YouTube video

The main menu at the top is divided into tabs for converting videos, burning DVDs, downloading videos and streaming videos or music from local storage to your TV. When you launch Wondershare Video Converter, it opens to the Convert section by default. You could say that ‘video converter’ is a misnomer here since the utility allows you do more than just change the format of the selected video into over 150 device optimized and file types altogether.

Video converter: Wondershare can convert multiple videos simultaneously and it’s also really fast at that. The software allows you to enhance the clip you’re editing with various effects, add metadata fetched from the internet, drop in subtitles, change the volume levels, paste your logo or watermark in text or image format and trim the video down among other things. You can also change the format of videos downloaded from the web.

Video Recording Feature
You can either record the whole screen or part of it by resizing the frame.

Other features: The task of burning media to a DVD is painless, allowing you to change the quality and aspect ratio of the video before the process begins. We’ve already talked about the streaming capability of Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate. Lastly, there’s the Download tab that enables you to download a video by copy-pasting the concerned URL, and the Record Video function to make video grabs of the whole or part of the screen on any website.

Conclusion: A small reduction in video quality while recording online content was the only hitch we faced during this review. If you’re looking for a conversion tool that’s easy to use and contains a handful of essential editing features, Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate is a great recommendation. You can download it from here for Windows or Mac.