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Wondershare PDFelement Review


Portable Document Format or PDF is a type of file we’ve all been interacting with since a very long time. It makes for easy to share documents that allow you to preserve their visual qualities and also provide interactive functions like digital signatures, the ability to add notes and highlights and plenty more. However, they are quite difficult to edit and add stuff to, and that’s where a program like Wondershare PDFelement comes in handy.

To start off, this software allows you to edit, combine, transform and organize PDFs from your Windows and Mac PCs. The thing about PDFelement that appeals the most is its bright and simple interface. Although it’s pretty logo-heavy, it does feature text where needed to let you know the function of that command.

When you open the application, a welcome screen greets you with four options that you can choose from. You can go for ‘Create PDF’ if you wish to craft a PDF file from a Word, PowerPoint or Excel file. This seamlessly allows you to get your desired result, and even lets you edit your document before saving it.

Wondershare PDFelement

The second option is the main one – ‘Edit PDF.’ This is of course where you can upload a PDF file that you wish to make changes to. Going deeper into this option, you can note that it gives you a selection tool to mark out the exact portion of the file which you wish to make changes to. For instance, selecting a portion of text grants you full control of the text in that particular area; so you can type or erase whatever you want. Also, you can read the full guide: How to Edit PDF Text.

Wondershare PDFelement Screenshot

And that’s not all; you can even change its size, font or color based on your choice. Another great trait in the ‘Edit PDF’ option is drag and drop for changing the position of text. Moving text is a piece of cake, as all you need to do its drag your selection box to the location you want the text to be at.

The third main attribute of Wondershare PDFelement is the ‘Combine PDF’ option. Let’s say you have two documents which are meant to be a single file, but aren’t. Click on this choice on the homescreen, and it will ask you to select the files you wish to merge together.

Wondershare PDFelement

Remember, you can even opt for more than two files if you wish to. PDFelement enables you to choose the page numbering of those two files, before creating a combined PDF for you to save. It’s as simple as that.

That brings us to the final option in the main menu which is ‘Covert PDF.’ As you might have guessed, it’s meant to create Word, Excel or PowerPoint documents out of PDFs that you have. Not just that; using this choice, you can even create JPEG, BMP and TIFF files.


The features of Wondershare PDFelement don’t end there. Inside the app, you’ll find an OCR button. It stands for Optical Character Recognition which means it can identify text in your documents to create PDFs that can be edited. How is this useful you ask?


Let’s say you have a hard copy of a document which you wish to convert to an editable PDF. You can scan it and save it as a PDF and then open it via the OCR option in Wondershare PDFelement. It will recognize the characters on its own and render a final copy that will be free to edit and make changes to.

As you might have expected, Wondershare PDFelement is a paid program. There’s a free trial version available, but you’ll really need to use the full version to explore its true potential. On Windows, the full version will cost you $69.95 and an additional $20 for the OCR plug-in. As for Mac users, they will be charged $99.95 for it but this version will have the OCR option integrated into the main program. This way, those who buy PDFelement with OCR on Windows will receive two keys, while those who buy it on Mac will only get one.

This makes the software a pretty cost-effective buy, and moreover, the purchase entails a lifetime license with free updates. So if you’re someone whose work constantly involves interacting with PDF files, this software will prove to be quite useful. You can download it from this link.