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Wondershare Fotophire Editing Toolkit Review

Wondershare Fotophire

The steep learning curve of Photoshop often steers people away from it earlier than they can even start adding basic effects to their images. A tool like Wondershare’s Fotophire Editing Toolkit is aimed at them, and hence features an incredibly simple interface that not just lets you touch up your photos, but is also capable of intelligent functions like cutting photo backgrounds and erasing or replicating objects in your photos. And this PC and Mac program is diverse, in the sense that it lets you apply more than 200 effects to your images to make them look better before uploading them to social media.

Its simplicity is the best aspect about the Wondershare Fotophire Editing Toolkit. Three tabs greet you when you launch the software, namely Photo Editor, Photo Cutter and Photo Eraser. Click on the first one and you are taken to the photo editing interface where you first need to import the pictures you wish to edit. It can be noted that the Windows version of this software even supports RAW photos, apart from JPEGs. The chosen images then populate the main screen, rendering before you all the tools you need to touch them up.

Fotophire Effects

The first thing you can do is try out the various filters from the Effects section. There’s everything from vintage to black and white and even night vision filters available here. But if you’re not fond of such effects, you can always enter the Adjustments tab which contains an assorted range of tools for you to really take control of the image you’ve clicked. If the image is too dark, better crank up the brightness, or if it’s too warm, use the Color Temperature slider to bring it towards the cooler side. A full Color Balance wheel is available if you want to grade your image in detail. In this section, you can even adjust curves or add creative blur or vignettes to your pictures.

Beside the Adjustments section is the Crop tool. You can crop your image according to your liking or just make use of the various presets available. A nifty slider at the bottom even enables you to adjust the angle of your image in case it’s tilted. Next is the Frames section which allows you to add borders to your images. A large number of such borders can be chosen from, to enhance the appeal of your photo furthermore. Quite unique to this software is the section that lets you add light leaks to your images. These come in the form of sun rays or burnt film effects that add a touch of dynamism to normal photos. This section also lets you create funky double exposure shots.

Fotophire Adjustments

The final tool in the Photo Editing section is meant for adding Text in your images. It’s a straightforward tool with plenty of formatting options to help you add watermarks to your photos. Your editing job is made easier by the helpful buttons at the top and bottom ends of the interface. While one is meant for showing you a before-after comparison, the other lets you zoom in or out. Easy access to Undo and Redo buttons is also a boon moreover.

The next aspect of Wondershare’s Fotophire Editing Toolkit is its Photo Cutter tool. This is where this software really looks to compete with Photoshop. Instead of asking you to painstakingly mark out the exact subject you wish to cut away from the background, it intelligently does all that for you. You just need to draw a box around your subject, and it will get separated from the background. Of course, this is not always perfect, but there are fine-tuning tools available as well to correct the minor discrepancies that remain.

Fotophire Photo Cutter

The Photo Cutter tool is equipped with a neat tutorial that fills you in on its features right at the start. Take for instance the Edge Blur slider which helps your separated image blend better with its new background. Speaking of backgrounds, the Photomontage section of this tool is meant to be the next step after cutting out your subject. You can now place it on a background of your choice.

The Photo Eraser tool is meant for those photos that have unwanted objects in them. Imagine a romantic photo of you and your significant other that’s being spoiled by a man sneezing in the background. Or a picture of a beautiful monument that has too many people lurking around it. You can just bring your pictures into this tool, select the unwanted objects and have them replaced with the areas surrounding them. Again, a nifty tutorial will be your guide towards quickly learning how to do this. A bonus is the cloning tool. It’s meant for replicating objects already present in your photograph.

Fotophire Eraser

The best part about Wondershare’s Fotophire Editing Toolkit is its clear and easy to understand interface. You’ll be an expert at editing photos, cutting away your subjects or erasing unwanted objects in almost no time. You can try out all its features for free, but only for 7 days. If you wish to keep using it after that, you will need to pay $49.99 for a one-year license or $79.99 for a lifetime license. These prices apply to both the Windows and Mac versions of this program.