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Wondershare Data Recovery Review

Wondershare Data Recovery

Almost everyone who has ever used a computer has faced the harrowing scenario in which some of their important data has been accidentally deleted or gone missing all of a sudden. Wondershare Data Recovery is the savior that they must all keep handy for such situations. This Windows program does exactly what its name implies, and it does this in an impressively efficient manner.

Wondershare Data Recovery excels in retrieving not just deleted data, but also files that were present on devices that were formatted. And it doesn’t stop there either; it delivers recovery support for disk partitions, virus damages, factory resets and much more.

It’s the kind of software you’d want to keep installed on your Windows PC all the time. But as one would expect, it comes with a price tag. You’ll need to pay $50 ($90 for Mac) for a lifetime license. Now, this is one of those things, the worth of which you only realize when it comes to your rescue in dire situations. In case you’re in doubt, you can always check out the free trial before buying, which gives you support for recovering just 100MB worth of lost data.

Let us now talk about the features that Wondershare Data Recovery has on offer for you. This program works it two primary modes, namely Wizard and Standard. Wizard is actually meant for easy recovery of lost files and lets you narrow down your search before you hit ‘Recover.’ As for Standard, it’s the opposite of that, and gives you a much deeper reach into the dungeons where your lost files reside.

Wizard Mode

In Wizard mode, you can choose the exact type of file you want recovered, so that the software doesn’t waste time in looking for other file types. So if your lost file is a photo you can select the ‘Photo/Graphic’ option and if it is a document, you can go for the ‘Office Document’ option. Once your choice is made, what remains is specifying a location where your file was lost.

For instance, if you know that your photograph was deleted from the D drive, you can specify that in order to avoid the time wasted in searching within other drives. Here, you can even select connected external devices like flash drives and iPods, or search for files deleted from the Recycle Bin.

Wondershare Data Recovery then searches for your specified file type in the given locations and shows you the relevant deleted files. You can then select the ones you want, and hit the ‘Recover’ button to save them on your PC again.

Recovery Mode

Coming to the Standard mode, it has a ‘Lost File Recovery’ section wherein you can retrieve deleted and formatted files from different internal and external drives. A great feature of this software is the ‘Partition Recovery’ option. What it does is that it recovers previous partitions from the entire hard drive, to help you retrieve lost data from them.

And then there is ‘Raw File Recovery’ which is sort of a last resort for when all the other options fail. This choice digs deep into the system and hence takes an extremely long time to come back with its results. But that shouldn’t matter once you have your all-important data back within your grasp.

And all this is accompanied by an extremely easy to understand interface, which makes the program all the more attractive. Sure, the $50 base price is a bit expensive for individual users, but all your investment will surely be worth it when you’ll find yourself in situations wherein a large amount of your important data has been lost. To recover data from hard drive with a free trial software, visit to to Wondershare.com