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7 WonderHowTo Alternatives

Today, we’re taking you through a wide range of viable WonderHowTo alternatives. We’ve gone out and found several websites that help make life easier by offering instructional content including written guides and videos to tackle some of the toughest and simplest tasks we (may) encounter on a day-to-day basis or at any point of time in our lives. So if you’ve got a problem that needs solving, the answer is most likely in one (or all) of the services below.

1. How To Do Things:

How To Do Things

We’re starting this compilation with the How To Do Things website that was founded back in 2001, making it much older than the service in question. This community covers various categories from business to careers to health to travel to hobbies to relationships to education and many more. Content available in the site’s vast library come from ‘experts, knowledgeable hobbyists and enthusiastic amateurs.’ However, you’ll only get written articles and not instructional videos.

According to the company, the website has a visitor base of fewer than 6 million viewers each month. You’ll be able to find solutions based on category or by searching through the custom Google bar. The main page also has a popular searches section where you’ll find solutions and guides to some of the most frequently looked-for topics.

2. wikiHow:


wikiHow’s main motto is to ‘help everyone on the planet learn how to do anything.’ This community also doesn’t serve instructional videos, but it has a wide catalog of articles that offer easy steps and images to provide solutions, making it a viable pick amongst the sites like WonderHowTo. According to the company, there are over 172,602 free step-by-step posts available online and they span across 19 different categories that cover entertainment, health, food, pets, youth and more.

The website also offers the capability to edit articles in order to deliver accurate and reliable guides. All of the content here is shared for free under a Creative Commons license. The site can be accessed in 10 different languages including English, Spanish, German, French, Hindi, Italian and more. wikiHow is also available for mobile devices running Android and iOS.

3. Instructables:


If you’re looking for guides on making stuff that’s out of the ordinary, then Instructables is most likely to have what you need. If not, you can find many creative and innovative projects in its database which comprises of over 100,000 entries. Unlike the aforementioned options, this one also delivers video guides apart from written and graphical instructions. Instructables allows anyone to share their ideas.

You can upload guides on almost any of your own creative projects to the community. You can create appropriate photos to describe steps, an instructional written guide or a video. Instructables is also available as a dedicated application on Windows 8, Android and iOS.

4. MonkeySee:


Guides on how to do stuff are available in plenty online. But if it’s expert advice you seek, then MonkeySee is just the website you should be looking at on this options similar to WonderHowTo lineup. This website garners its content from experts only and you’ll be treated to professional quality guides. These individuals accomplished in different fields with years of experience.

Also, videos are all captured in HD and there are over 11,000 guides available that cover almost every segment like safety, travel, sports, cooking, entertainment, auto, electronics and more. All of the content offered on this website is free and you can register with it to gain access to many more features. Anyone can become an expert on MonkeySee provided they have adequate experience to back their proposal.

5. eHow:


eHow concentrates on offering guides not only through videos, but also via written articles. There are over 1 million posts on the site and 170,000 videos. The service delivers set-by-step instructions in over 30 categories and the content available here is sourced through freelancers. eHow came into existence back in 1999 and it’s one of the most popular how-to websites on the internet with a vast online community.

6. SuTree:


SuTree is another addition on this sites like WonderHowTo roster that focuses on delivering instructional guides through videos. From the simplest of things (which can be very daunting to some) to complex stuff, you can find it all here. This website caters to over 25 categories with 85,292 videos and a member base of 10,452. There are also 279 different courses available.

All of the content here is checked and approved by the staff before they can go live to ensure quality and up-to-date guides. With a membership that’s free, you can create and take part in courses, save favorite videos and also share them with others.

7. About:


About.com is another instructional video website that gets its content solely through experts. There are around 1,000 contributors that offer high quality and reliable information on various topics like healthcare, technology, cooking, travel and patenting amongst many others. This service is said to be amongst the top visited websites on the internet and there are 20 categories filled with video content. Also, it was launched 1997, making it the oldest on this roster.


Well, we’ve come to the end of our WonderHowTo alternatives compilation. If you’ve come across any substitute that deserves to be on this list, then be sure to let us know by dropping in a comment below. Apart from these websites, there are many other sources to gain knowledge to tackle almost any difficulty you face, YouTube being one of the best places to check as most of the aforementioned services host their videos on it and there are many others that do the same as well.

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