Spar Zephyr wireless speaker range goes up for pre-order

Spar Zephyr 550

Built specifically for portable devices, the new Spar Zephyr wireless Bluetooth speaker lineup has hit the pre-order status. The product range comprises of three models namely the Zephyr 300, 500 and 550. Users can charge their tablet or handset while listening to music or even taking calls.

Stated to provide a high definition audio experience, these speaker systems are stated to deliver quality acoustics with clear sound and high fidelity audio for making and receiving calls. When it comes to power, the series is equipped with an enhanced battery life through which any smartphone or tablet can be recharged. What’s more, each device is accompanied by a soft carry bag and an AC charging adapter.

Spar Zephyr 500 300

Warren Osborn, Spar CEO, commented, “The inaugural Spar product line is designed to complement the myriad of portable mobile devices on the market. From tablets to smartphones, these devices have remarkable visual functionality, but generally come with poor sound quality and often run out of battery power mid-day. The Zephyr line solves these issues, consolidating the portable speaker-speakerphone and cell phone charger into one unit. The Zephyr really is the perfect companion product for a mobile phone or tablet.”

Comprising three models, the Spar Zephyr 300 hosts a compact design and offers approximately 12 hours of music playback. It is currently available in black and comes in limited editions of red as well as blue. Being slightly on the bulkier side, the Zephyr 500 positions itself as a liable travel companion through its proclaimed 18 hours of wireless audio streaming. Users can pick-up this model in either black or white shades. And finally, the Zephyr 550 holds the capability of providing around 28 hours of active battery life and is wrapped with an aluminum covering in color options of silver and black.

The Spar Zephyr wireless speaker series price tags read at $99.99 for the Zephyr 300, $129.99 for the 500 and $159.99 for the 550. While the release date is expected to be mid-December, the new lineup can be pre-ordered online from the company’s website. It’s also scheduled to hit retail channels in early 2012.