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iPhone wireless charging coming…in 2017

iPhone Wireless Charging

The headphone jack might already be out of the way in the upcoming iPhone 7, but a new report suggests that Apple may give the axe to the lighting port in future iPhones as well. Instead of charging the phone through the slot, the phone could be powered wirelessly.

This may essentially result in a completely sealed port-less iPhone. Apple is apparently hard at work on technology which would allow wireless charging over distances in partnership with companies in the US and Asia. Insider sources claim the manufacturer will equip its products with the feature in 2017.

Apple has been working on this for a long time going by a patent which it had applied for all the way back in 2010. The concept had sketched out a scenario where an iMac was used as a charging hub to power a device 1m away through near-field magnetic resonance. The Apple Watch uses a similar method dubbed induction to charge itself within a short distance of its source.

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Yet another patent described a technique to allow air waves to pass through metal. In a 2012 interview, Apple made it clear that it wasn’t interested in using wireless charging pads that other brands utilize. These products still have to be plugged in to work, reducing its convenience as a truly wireless solution. This certainly explains why it hasn’t adopted the technology yet.

According to Bloomberg (via Fast Company), the main issue with charging wirelessly over a distance is that the effectiveness of the power transfer reduces the farther away from the source a person gets. This presents a major obstacle to Apple’s plans, with sources asserting it’s still trying to decide whether to use such a system.

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Apple definitely needs a unique weapon in its arsenal to help its iPhones and iPads stand apart from the crowd. The devices still generate over three-quarters of its revenue even as its profits are dropping amid slowing sales.