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WinZip 11.0 Version Released by Corel

WinZip Computing has announced the release of WinZip 11.0. The program, which has been in beta since mid-October, is now available for download.

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WinZip is by far the most powerful, easy-to-use and well-known compression software used world-wide.

“We’ve continued to take WinZip beyond standard zipping and unzipping,” said Edwin Siebesma, president of WinZip Computing. “Obviously that’s our main focus and we don’t want to lose focus on that but what we’ve done is look at how users use Zip files and ask how we can make that easier.”

The latest WinZip 11.0 file compression software is available in two sections, Standard or Pro, which highlights practical image handling through thumbnails, and has a new internal image viewer, more efficient compression, improved data backup functionality, and support for RAR and BZ2 files. The windows file compression program also has a new compression algorithm for .WAV music files.

“If you are a music lover and you have a lot of .WAV files, we have a special algorithm that compresses those files very, very well,” Siebesma said.

WinZip 11.0 Standard is a standard version as the name suggests, while the WinZip Pro is a more advanced and enhanced version, which can be of much use to the business segment.

Developing on image management, through the WinZip’s Explorer-style users can now view image thumbnails without extracting the images from the Zip file.

For those using WinZip 11.0 Pro, the full-size image can be viewed in its new internal image viewer, thus making possible browsing through multiple images within WinZip itself, instead of a separate application for each individual image.

Furthermore, the software incorporates practical and powerful enhancements to the WinZip Job Wizard, which is regularly used to take back-up of data sets, archiving important documents, or distributing information.

Users can now configure it to email a status confirmation and/or the resulting Zip file automatically after completion. It also includes a new browsing feature that helps find a specific folder on an FTP server, and select custom jobs directly from the Job Wizard and Quick Pick tray bar menus.

Another important addition to the WinZip software is the new “best compression” feature, where users have to only select the feature and let WinZip decide what compression method to use.

WinZip 11.0 Standard and Pro are available for order on the company Web site at a price of approximately $29.95 (Rs 1,340) and around $49.95 (Rs 2,240) respectively. Registered users of WinZip 10.0 will be eligible to upgrade for 50 percent off the regular list price.