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7 WinSCP Alternatives

You may want to check out these WinSCP alternatives as there are software which are equally good and can be used for secure file transfer from a local computer to a remote one. The program in question is an SFTP, FTP and SCP client and apart from the function mentioned above, it can be used for synchronizing files and even managing them. Moreover, you will find that the utility extends support to SCP protocol and utilizes SSH to ensure safe transfers. If these are the kind of features that you are looking for, then we have some applications that fit the bill. Some of the good ones have been listed below with a short summary for each of them. So take a look and decide whether switching to a new program will be the right option or not.

1 – Filezilla:

Filezilla has acquired the GNU GPL license and is an FTP, FTPS and SFTP solution that makes both a client and a server available for you. It boasts of an intuitive GUI and is cross-platform as it is compatible with Windows, BSD, Linux as well as Mac OS X. According to the developers, the tool is easy to use and supports SSH protocol for secure file transfer. It can work perfectly well with large files and brings a site manager and a transfer queue to the table.


You are given the option to configure transfer speed limits for this multilingual software that lets you drag and drop content too. Some of its many other features include remote file editing, remote file search, synchronized directory browsing and tabbed user interface to name a few. Our list of software like Filezilla may also prove to be of help.

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Price: Free

2 – Bitvise SSH2:

Another one of the WinSCP alternatives is Bitvise’s SSH2 which stands for Secure Shell protocol version 2. This SSH and SFTP client is compliant with Microsoft’s platforms including Windows 8 and claims to be one of the most advanced graphical SFTP clients.

Bitvise SSH2

Some of the features of the program that you will definitely appreciate are automatic resuming, recursive sub-directory transfers, text file awareness, transfer list management and fast responsiveness even when multiple transfers are in progress amongst a number of others. And for access to SSH server’s console, the tool utilizes VT-100, xterm or Bvterm protocols.

Price: Free (for personal use)

3 – SecureFX:

Similar to Filezilla, SecureFX is a cross-platform program that can be installed on any computer system running Windows, Mac or Linux operating systems. You will find that it has a visual interface that is extremely easy to understand and at the same time, the tool is loaded with some advanced and much-needed features like site synchronization, automation and other such attributes that web designers need.


You can choose to transfer data on SFTP over SSH2, FTP over SSL, SCP or FTP and connect to sessions and organize them in the tabbed interface of the program. And what’s more, you can synchronize files and store configuration for more than a single website in the application.

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Price: $59.95

4 – CuteFTP:

If the developers of this WinSCP alternative are to be believed, it is one of the most favorite FTP clients of people around the globe. The new version of the software has just been released and it is compatible with both Windows and Mac computers. Apart from standard FTP, the tool supports protocols like FTPS, SFTP, HTTPS and OTP.


You can alternate between classic and professional interface modes and the color coded tabs let you work in peace without confusions. Multiple configuration options have also been thrown into the mix. There’s an integrated editor in it and you can synchronize files, take local backup, schedule transfers, monitor your folders, carry out compressed transfers and do a lot more with this tool.

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Price: $59.99 (Windows), $39.99 (Mac)

5 – Cyberduck:

Cyberduck is an FTP, SFTP and WebDAV client that even doubles up as a cloud storage browser for Windows as well as Mac OS X computers. It is compatible with most third party storage services and makes use of S3 and open-stack APIs. The program seamlessly integrates with any external editor for allowing you to make quick changes to any binary or text file.


You can synchronize local and remote directories and simply drag and drop files to upload, download or copy content between servers. And moving the files within the browser is hardly a difficult task.

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Price: Free

6 – SmartFTP:

And the final option on this compilation featuring some of the best WinSCP alternatives is SmartFTP which acts as an FTP, FTPS, SFTP, WebDAV, S3, SSH and Terminal client. It goes without saying that the basic function of the tool is to transfer files from a local system to a server on the internet. You can rest assured as the program promises to carry out secure, reliable and efficient transfers and it even has file and folder synchronization functions.


Some of its other attributes include search option for looking for files on the server, remote editing, advanced scheduling, thumbnail view and preview, bulk rename and many more.

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Price: $39.95

7 – Fugu:

And finally we have Fugu, a front-end for SFTP application that is designed to facilitate file transfers on Mac computers. It brings security as well as an intuitive GUI for ease of use.


For uploading and downloading files, you can simply drag and drop content into the program and take the assistance of external editors to make changes into your files. The tool saves directory history and also boasts of the ability to create SSH tunnels.

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Price: Free


So did you like any of these WinSCP alternatives enough to replace the said software? If yes, then try the particular application out and do share your thoughts about the program with us. And in case you think we have missed out on something important, let us know by dropping in a comment down there.