WiNetworks Pico Base Station announced for Indoor and Outdoor WiMAX Coverage

Pico Base Station WiNetworks has announced the availability of the Pico Base Station (WiN7200) for optimizing indoor and outdoor WiMAX coverage. The Pico Base Station is available in the 2.XGHz and 3.XGHz frequency range.

The WiN7200 is a scalable, single piece mini base station that provides dedicated outdoor coverage and enhanced in-building services and capacity. The small and compact size, and limited output power make the device ideal for indoor/outdoor installations which deliver WiMAX high speed broadband.

“We are proud to be able to offer the market a Pico base station solution that will optimize both outdoor and indoor coverage,” said Zvika Harnik, CEO, “by re-using our existing software and architectural structure, we are able to offer the operators a stable, field proven product that is also very low in cost.”

The device will be shown at WiMax Forum Global Congress June 17-18. It will also be displayed at CommunicAsia, June 17-20.