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Windows Vista SP1 Beta released to a Limited Group of Testers by Microsoft

Windows Vista SP1 Beta Release Sometime ago, we had reported about the possible release of Vista SP1 by early 2008. In the latest update yesterday, sources at Microsoft confirmed that the first beta test edition of Service Pack 1 (SP1) for its Windows Vista operating system that was first released towards the end of 2006.

However, this newly released beta version of Vista SP1 was distributed only to a select group of around 12,000 testers.

This definitely means that the general public can look forward to the actual release of the first service pack for Windows Vista sometime early next year, as reported earlier.

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Already, some of the limited testers have posted details on the updates from the beta pack of Vista SP1. Here, they reported a number of improvements to the overall responsiveness of the operating system after installing this beta version.

For instance, as reported by, Microsoft team blogger Brandon LeBlanc published his account of the SP1 experience saying that SP1 concentrates on making the existing features work better, rather than add new features.

Here is LeBlanc’s actual account on the blog: “Windows Vista SP1 allows the user to change their default desktop search provider from the built-in Windows Desktop Search that ships with Windows Vista to another third-party desktop search provider.”

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“The Search option has been removed from the right side of the Start menu. Users will also notice ‘See all results’ has disappeared when doing a search via the Start menu. Instead, you will see ‘Search Everywhere.’ Search Everywhere will launch whatever is the user’s default desktop search program. In Windows Explorer, users will also see a ‘Search Everywhere’ option in the toolbar as well,” LeBlanc continued in his Blog post.

Moreover, sources have reported that the Vista SP1 beta fixes some wireless networking issues as well.

Microsoft plans to deliver the Windows Vista SP1 beta version when released through their Windows Update mechanism. Besides, system administrators would have the option to install the beta version manually using a standalone version of SP1.

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Now that the beta version of the Windows Vista Service Pack 1 has been released, no doubt to a limited group of testers, the rest of the world can indeed expect a much-needed fix via the final release of the Vista SP1 in early 2008.

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