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A Windows Phone 8.1 version of the HTC One M8 is rumored to be in the works

When Microsoft disclosed info about Windows Phone 8.1, it noted that the platform will support existing Android hardware and it looks like HTC will be taking advantage of this by getting the OS up and running on its latest flagship One M8 handset. According to the latest rumors, the Taiwanese OEM will implement various features seen on the current flagship into its upcoming high-end WP8.1 phone.

This information comes via WPDang which learnt the same through its sources. There’s no concrete information on which features of the HTC One M8 will be brought over to the Windows Phone ecosystem, but we’re likely to see the company implement the same all-metal unbody design for its future WP8.1 flagship.

HTC One M8

Other key aspects like the dual cameras and BoomSound speakers have high chances of being present on the upcoming handset if HTC wants to go up against the feature-filled Lumia phones from Nokia (Read: Microsoft). The WP8 platform has been evolving slowly, but it looks like Microsoft has almost caught up with Android and iOS. The upcoming update supports new hardware including the Snapdragon 400 with LTE.

Like its predecessor, the HTC One M8 has been well received and it’s most likely to steal the best of 2014 title as well. The company hasn’t changed much in the new model, but has tweaked it for a richer experience. The BoomSound speakers are more powerful and the camera capabilities are beyond what we anticipated.

If HTC is indeed planning to launch a version of the One M8 with WP8.1, we may finally see something capable of standing up against the top-tier Lumias in their own territory. More details on the new HTC flagship can be found here.