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Windows Blue build 9364 leaks, shows baby Live Tiles, IE 11

Windows Blue

An early build of Windows Blue has been leaked online and hints at several improvements to the current generation software platform. The next version of Windows is currently being developed by the Redmond-based bigwig, and has now shown up on file sharing sites. The last time we heard about the OS was back in Feb when a Microsoft job posting seemingly gave it away.

One of the most appealing features of the leaked build 9364 of Windows Blue is that it will allow users to run apps in an updated side-by-side view. This is similar to the desktop mode snapping, but it will be possible to have 4 apps running alongside each other. The word is that a few programs can take advantage of this snap view, and developers will be given the ability to update their applications to support the feature. In addition, this functionality will also be present across multiple monitors.

Win8 Metro

Then there are a few changes to the setting screen as well. The logic behind this, it seems, is to make sure that tablet users won’t have to use the desktop Control Panel. The SkyDrive options seem to have been padded with better control over backing up devices and deeper integration for auto camera uploads. In addition, The Verge reports that screenshots of the build have been posted on Winforum, which show smaller and larger Live Tiles, which enable a little more customization of the Start screen.

Getting on with the other changes, there should be additions to the company’s Charms. A play option under the Devices panel has been put in, while a new screenshot option on the Share Charm will let users share images with applications. And it also appears as if Internet Explorer 11 has been included with the build, although it isn’t immediately apparent what changes have been infused.

Lastly, touch users can expect new gestures. It is said that on the Start screen, a swipe up from the bottom pulls up a list of all apps. A desktop app bar is available to access projector settings, snap and other things, by swiping up or down in desktop mode. Check out the video posted above to get a better feel of the new functionality built into the new OS experience.

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Now that the Windows Blue (build 9364) has been leaked, we have some idea of what the next version of the platform holds. It is expected to be made public in the coming months, with a proper launch later in the year.