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Windows 9 OS to be unveiled on September 30, reveals Microsoft

Word has been going around on the Internet that Microsoft is all geared up and ready to unveil the new Windows 9 platform to the world, and this has now turned out to be true. The Redmond-based giant has officially announced an event which it will be holding on September 30 to showcase its next-gen operating system.

The proceedings at this upcoming gala will be led by Joe Belfiore and Terry Myerson, who are the corporate vice and executive vice presidents, respectively of the operating system group at Microsoft. According to the emails being sent out to the press (via The Verge), the discussion will be focused on enterprise and power users of Windows.

Windows 9

However, there’s no need for a hint to believe that Windows 9 will make an appearance at the event. On September 30, Microsoft is also expected to reveal details about a Technical Preview of the upcoming OS. This version of the software will be a sort of a pre-beta which will only be doled out to the press and developers.

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Over the past few days, images and video captured from leaked copies of this Technical Preview have been flooding the Internet in a big way. The next iteration of Windows has been revealed to feature a revived Start Menu which will serve its basic function and also integrate the features we’re seen on the much loathed Start Screen of the current version of the OS.

Windows 9 operating system is also expected to ship with a Notifications Center and the ability to work on more than one desktop at a time.