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Microsoft Windows 11 Might Not Work On New Laptops Without Webcams

Windows 11 Webcam Laptop

As part of the rush of news surrounding its new operating system, Microsoft has declared that starting January 1, 2023, all new laptops running on Windows 11 will need to have a front-facing camera.

According to Android Authority, this likely has to do with Windows Hello, which is Microsoft’s facial recognition system that allows you to use your face as biometric security.

Windows 11 puts a heavy emphasis on the importance of security.

For those concerned with privacy, this means a trip to the office supply store to grab more tape with which to cover up the pesky little lenses, Windows Central reported.

And for those who’ve fully immersed themselves in the world of remote work, this means an end to the days of fearing a laptop will have a bad camera, or worse, no camera, the report said.

The way this new policy influences the quality of cameras is found in Microsoft’s camera requirements.

Not only does the company demand that laptops have cameras, but it expects them to have a resolution of High-Definition (HD) or better, Auto Exposure (AE), Auto White Balance (AWB).

With a massive company like Microsoft demanding an end to objectively outdated and substandard cameras, it’s only a matter of time before such inferior products cease to exist, the report said.

On the flip side, it’s also just a matter of time before privacy-minded individuals have one less source of security, it added.