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Will The World Cup Be Playable In FIFA 23?

FIFA 23 When we talk about sports games, one of the biggest games that accumulated the most sales over the years is FIFA. Since football is the most popular sport in the world in terms of the fan base, it is not surprising that such a game climbed to first place as the most played game with a franchise selling more than 260 million copies sold worldwide.

With that said, we are just in time for the new and upcoming FIFA 23, which was just announced a few weeks ago. The latest FIFA 23 game coming from EA Sports will feature many new things, from improved mechanics that will be the most realistic out of all games so far, to new tournaments and features.

However, since we are already seeing the World Cup odds 2022 taking shape, which is expected to happen at the end of this year, many people are wondering if the latest FIFA will include the World Cup.

Let’s find out.

Will FIFA 23 Include the World Cup?

It seems like EA Sports has finally decided to pay attentions to its fans’ wishes. To the surprise of most, the World Cup 2022, in Qatar, will be playable in FIFA 23.

As more news about the upcoming FIFA 23 game emerges, EA is providing us with fresh new features that will take the game to the next level. Career Mode One of the most exciting new features that will be included in the game is the World Cup mode, which will be introduced in FIFA 23. Additionally, on top of including the Men’s World Cup 2022, which will take place in Qatar, FIFA 23 will also include the Women’s World Cup 2023 in New Zealand and Australia.

Judging from EA’s not-so-good history of including the World Cup competition, most fans believed that this feature will be available for the latest game in a form of DLC that football lovers need to purchase additionally.

This is probably because in 2006 FIFA game, EA decided to include the World Cup in Germany, where you needed to buy an extra game to play it.

Fortunately, those times are behind, and FIFA 23 will feature a World Cup competition for both men and women, and we assume that will come without any additional costs, but EA hasn’t confirmed anything yet.

FIFA 23 World Cup

Build Your Team As we know so far, in FIFA 23, the World Cup mode will not be included in the standard game. You will be able to download it later on as a regular update for the game at no additional cost.

The latest FIFA 23 game will be released on Friday, September 30, 2022, with the Ultimate Edition pre-release available three days earlier.

The World Cup in Qatar starts on 21 November 2022, and we assume that EA will implement this new competition before then.

The latest trailer revealing the FIFA 23 game suggested that we will have World Cup for women, but we will see if this will be possible for this year or will be postponed to 2023 when the Women’s World Cup is set to take place.

FIFA 23 FUT World Cup Mode

FIFA 23 Womens Football We will also see a new feature in FIFA Ultimate Team on the occasion of the World Cup year. We still don’t have many details about the introduction of the World Cup in the FUT mode, but there is a good chance that it will come as an event in FUT in winter.

If we take a look at previous FIFA games and go back to the 2018 World Cup in Russia, we can see that back then, the World Cup came as an update that included a World Cup mode for Ultimate Team.

With that said, it is important to mention that the World Cup in FUT functions differently. For example, there is no transfer market, and all players and stadiums are unchangeable. Additionally, coins and FIFA points overlap and there is only one account for World Cup and Normal mode.

All of the cards coming in the World Cup event are dynamic, which means that they can increase their rating if they perform well. Last but not least, chemistry is divided between continents and nationalities.

One thing is for sure, the World Cup mode will be included in the latest game and we will have to wait and see in which form will be introduced, do fans will be required to pay additionally for it, and all the events that will take place in FIFA Ultimate Team.