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Will.i.am claims to have developed a smartwatch, and he isn’t phunking around

We’re not sure if we’re ready for this, but Will.i.am has nonetheless decided to bless the world with his own smartwatch. The American rapper turned entrepreneur has revealed July to be the month in which he plans to launch the new device.

He made this announcement on a British chat show called Alan Carr: Chatty Man, and even had the wearable on his wrist at that time. However, the cameras weren’t given a proper glimpse of the gadget. The Black Eyed Peas singer said on the show that the product is the result of a company he started himself. He also revealed that he funded the venture with his own money.

Will.i.am Smartwatch

Will.i.am claims that you don’t need a phone in order to use this smartwatch as it has a phone in itself. This device apparently manages to handle music playback, Bluetooth headphones, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook as well.

Following his appearance on the show, Will.i.am took to Twitter to confirm the existence of this smartwatch. One of his tweets – spotted by Engadget – even goes on to indicate that he might launch the device prior to July.

There’s no doubt now that such a smartwatch exists. Although its credibility is something we’re worried about at the moment. Remember Will.i.am’s other big entrepreneurial venture back in 2012? His i.am+ camera add-ons for iPhone bombed in the market like few other products have till date.

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Whatever this smartwatch from Will.i.am has in store for you, we’ll make sure to reveal that as soon as we have additional details.