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Wikipedia’s iPhone app receives huge update


If you’re an iPhone user and a Wikipedia buff both, today is your lucky day. The world’s most used online encyclopedia has been granted a big overhaul on iOS, which blesses it with new features as well as support for the 3D Touch functionality and Spotlight search.

Once you download Wikipedia Mobile 5.0 onto your devices, you’ll notice that navigation is simpler than before and the app’s design too has seen a few changes. The content on the opening feed is now tailored to your interests and surroundings.

You’ll be greeted by the much loved ‘Featured article of the day’ each time you open the Wikipedia app on your iOS devices. Moreover, ‘Top read articles’ and ‘Picture of the day’ have also been given visibility on the front page. And you’ll then find ‘Random articles,’ ‘Nearby articles’ and ‘Recommended articles’ as well.

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The incorporation of 3D Touch means that owners of the iPhone 6S and the iPhone 6S Plus will be able to grab quick access to features like Wikipedia search or ‘Random articles’ by just pressing harder on the app’s icon. Additionally, this utility even supports emoji search and Spotlight search for saved articles.

The Wikimedia Foundation recently announced that by the end of this year, Wikipedia will benefit from a speech engine that will allow people with visual impairments to have the online encyclopedia read content to them aloud. Support for Swedish, English and Arabic is being targeted to be made available in 2016, whereas new languages will keep being added to the list later on.

The 5.0 version of the Wikipedia app on iOS is live now on the Apple App Store.