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Wicked Audio Heist, Deuce, Mojo, Evac headphones boom out with style

Wicked Heist Deuce Earphones

Audiophiles can now groove to all their favorite music with Wicked Audio Heist, Deuce, Mojo and Evac. The latest lineup of earbuds and headphones are set to add a touch of oomph to their overall listening experience. As the company suggests, these gadgets in question are all splashed with chic designs, making them ideal companions for music aficionados who are on the lookout for some funky audio accessories.

According to Wicked Audio, each of the aforementioned devices is dipped in fashionable hues to add a colorful spark to everyday melancholy life. The company further goes on to reveal that they accommodate the noise isolation attribute so that potential users can expect pure music minus any unwanted noise. There are also other noteworthy features present with each product.

 Wicked Evac Mojo Headphones

We first tackle the latest Wicked Audio earbuds. The Deuce sports a sleek form factor that measures just 20.3mm x 12.4mm. It’s drenched in ten stylish color options and comes complete with a trio of bud sizes to offer just the right fit. There is also an optional vocal cord attachment for receiving calls while on the go. The Heist earbuds enter the scene bearing a handy dual-jack and 3 vibrant color combinations namely, rust/ivory, slate/yellow and black/white.

The Mojo earbuds hit store shelves colored in 7 various shades that include purple, red and yellow among others. These audio solutions come in 3 bud sizes and provide a deep bass sound experience. The final gadget in the basket is the Evac headphones. Besides oozing with a fresh and stylish appearance, this particular accessory is endowed with soft ear cushions and a canvas material headband. It further boasts of incorporating a braided cord complete with integrated volume control. Porting around the headphones shouldn’t be a problem as it features a collapsible design.

The latest Wicked Audio Heist, Deuce, Mojo, Evac price details read as $29.99, $9.99, $24.99 and $49.99, respectively. The Deuce earbuds with mic bears a cost of $14.99.