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Why Your Business Should Use A Local Phone Number

nokia-feature-phone Your phone number is one of the first things that consumers see when they’re considering whether to choose your business. Entrepreneurs who serve customers in and around New York City can boost their credibility and bottom line with a local contact number.

In the past, businesses were limited to choosing area codes where they operate. Today, however, if you do business with customers in New York City, you can easily set up a local number to give your business instant credibility.

You’ll be glad you did. There are several reasons why a local phone number is significant for the brand image of your business.

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Polishing Your Image

In news reports and trade publications, there’s a lot of talk about leveraging the internet to attract new customers, but your phone number is still essential. A business number with the local area code reassures your potential customers.

Most consumers still feel that the phone is the fastest way to get in touch with a business. Many clients or customers may find your business online. Nevertheless, over half of them will still call your business rather than initiate contact through the internet. Even with a robust online presence, a professional business phone number is still essential.

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Dependability and Convenience

Today, you can quickly secure a flexible business line to customize and boost the image of your enterprise. Business phone service providers now offer cost-effective, feature-packed provisions that can give your small business the professional stature of a well-established corporation.

Furthermore, contemporary business phone services can easily adjust to your changing needs. If you change locations, your service goes with you, and if you’re frequently out of the office, you can forward your phone right to your mobile device.

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Keeping Things in Order

Like most people, your mobile device is probably your connection to everything that’s important. When you first launch your business, it’s most likely not that difficult to keep your personal and business life separate. However, as your business grows, the need to find work-life balance will become increasingly vital.

Over time, frequent incoming phone calls can make it challenging to manage both personal and business roles. Unfortunately, some new entrepreneurs realize that it’s time to separate personal and business phone lines only after a barrage of incoming phone calls have made work-life balance unmanageable.

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Many small business owners make the mistake of waiting until the inability to manage these two worlds forces them to set up a separate business number. You can avoid this inconvenience by making a small investment in your business early and setting up a separate phone line.

It’s All About Trust

When a customer decides to do business with you, they want to feel confident and secure about their choice. Customers won’t think your business is disreputable just because you have an unfamiliar area code. However, they will feel more comfortable dealing with a company that has a 212 area code number in its brand messaging and advertisements.

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A local area code increases the likelihood that a customer will patronize your business. For a nominal fee, you can quickly and easily set up a local number that will boost your credibility and increase your bottom line.