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Why You Should Try E-learning

elearning Learning a new skill can be hard. Many people get discouraged after a while for various reasons. Sometimes you just don’t have the energy to pick up that book after a long day of work, sometimes there’s no one around to ask you about your progress … take your pick. That’s why e-learning might be ideal for you! In this article, we talk about 4 pros of e-learning.

Learn whenever you feel like it

Taking a classroom course can be fun, but sometimes you just don’t feel like it. When you’ve had a rough day at work, you’re not feeling too great or something came up, you won’t be in the mood at all to go to your class. When you take an e-learning course, you can learn whenever you have time or whenever you’re in the mood. Some courses have soft deadlines, others let you learn a new skill without any deadlines at all.

E-learning is ideal if you don’t like asking questions

If you’ve always been a bit quiet or don’t like asking questions, e-learning is ideal for you. There’s no teacher around to put you on the spot and no one to judge you when you can’t remember something straight away.

Practice makes perfect

Many e-learning courses have a ton of exercises attached to them. This way, you can practice until you get it right. If you’re picking an e-learning course, take a look at how they offer their info and exercises. Courses with videos tend to have a higher retention grade. For instance, the courses for a “VCA Cursus”, a Dutch technical course, are entirely made up of videos because they’ve noticed the success rate of their VCA Basic and VCA VOL exams is way higher this way then if everyone has to learn the course by reading lots of texts.

E-learning might be cheaper

Did you know you can find tons of e-learning courses online for free? Of course, if you want to get a certificate to use for your job, it might be better to take a paying course made by professionals. But if you just want to learn something for fun, it can be handy to check out the free courses you can find online. Take a look at the edX website for instance – you can find free courses from Harvard and MIT!

We hope you can learn lots of new skills through e-learning!