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Why You Should Never Buy Online Before Reading the Review?


Online shopping has become more popular than ever and will continue to grow in the foreseeable future. The thing about it is that it works around our time constraints, it’s convenient because you don’t have to leave your computer or phone to shop and most importantly, you can read reviews about a product before you buy it.

When you’re being bombarded with ads and sponsored recommendations constantly, it’s difficult to avoid making an impulsive decision. Reviews by real people who’ve actually bought an item you’re tempted to purchase offer the simplest and most relevant guidance for you to buy or not buy a product. According to a recent survey, about 84% of the online buyers prefer to read online reviews about the product which they opt to purchase online.

Where to read online reviews?

Companies are very well aware of the fact that good reviews of their products by celebrities or even random people on the Internet inspire trust in their products. Apart from reaching out to potential customers via social media, some marketers also pay review websites to write about their product in a way that prevents consumers from realizing that it is promotional material.

So if you can’t look to strangers on the Internet to back a brand, what can you do? There are certain review websites like BestOnlineReviews where viewers can get reviews only from real users as well as an expert guide to help with the product research.

To know more about the site and to gain the advantage of utilizing the reviews from real people, visit Bestonlinereviews.com.

Why you should read online reviews before buying

  1. Be smart, all sellers aren’t truthful

There’s nothing such as a perfect product in these competitive times. Even products that are very similar to each other may have certain features not suited to your needs. Imagine needing to buy a plain white T-shirt. A million companies sell these. But do you need cotton, blended, linen, jersey or polyester? Polo, V neck, boat neck or round neck?

Is the material thick enough or is it too thin? Is the quality good enough to survive your washing machine? No seller in this world is stupid enough to tell you about the negative aspects of their own product. Instead, they will be fully focused on convincing you to purchase their products by either providing misleading information or holding back some harsh truths about it.

Some may prefer to elaborate on their product’s pros a lot and skip any talk about its cons. Reviews from a third person about the same product would give you a clear picture, so that you can take the best decision possible.

  1. Gain insight from experienced buyers

Though a lot of reviews on the Internet are fake, there are reviews which written genuinely by buyers who have bought the product. By reading such reviews, you will be able to gain knowledge about the product, and you can find out about certain important aspects such as its durability, stability, and functionality pretty clearly.

At the end of the day, genuine reviews are also useful for sellers and manufacturers who intend to make better products in the future, based on the reviews written by buyers who’ve experienced the product.

  1. You can be aware of a product’s popularity

Reviews will give you insights about a product’s popularity in the market. It doesn’t matter whether these are negative or positive reviews. Being aware of the number of reviews and how many people are familiar with the product is essential when it comes to measuring its popularity.

If a product you wish to purchase online has no reviews, while a similar item has many reviews, you are more likely to go for the latter. Even if the reviews are a mix of negative and positive ones, you are at least assured of the fact that many people have bought it and you can predict whether your experience with the product will be positive or negative.

  1. Helps you compare products

Reading reviews about a product before purchasing it will surely lead you towards the inevitable product comparison process. By comparing your options online, you can ensure that you are buying the best gadget or software or service for the best and most competitive rates.

Apart from that, being able to engage in product comparison might help you to pick the best brand available in the market and stick with it once you find it trustworthy.

  1. Can give you an idea about how to utilize a product

Good reviews from experts and experienced users will give you enough knowledge on handling and using a product. For example, the manual provided by the company may not be clear enough to understand. A simple video or written review by a user may help you in this case.

Online shopping has more advantages than disadvantages. It saves you time and transportation costs. By reading reviews by genuine users, you can also vet products for quality and value for money instead of having to take the word of the salesperson behind the counter.