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Why You Should Get A YouTube Downloader

youtube YouTube is a popular video streaming platform that offers lots of various types of content that can be used for various reasons such as entertainment and education among others. Besides, it offers other features such as the creation of a video playlist which makes it even easier to interact with one’s preferred content. However, this platform may not always be available to users due to internet connectivity challenges. For this reason, it is useful to have a video downloader that can be used to save YouTube videos for later use. Discussed below are some of the reasons why you should get YouTube downloader:

Save your favorite videos for offline use

Most people like to watch their favorite videos or listen to their favorite music at different times of the day in various places, as long as they have the feeling. However, they may not always have an internet connection at the moment when they feel like accessing their YouTube videos. For this reason, getting Viddly’s YouTube downloader can be a worthwhile investment as it allows you to download YouTube videos on your device and save them for later use. With this YouTube downloader, you can quickly download your videos easily and watch them whenever you want, from wherever you may be.

It’s free to use

The YouTube Downloader is free for use for everyone with no annoying ads, surveys, or popups which make it easy to use. You do not even need to create an account or give out any personal information to be able to use it. After setting up the downloader, all you need to do is browse to your favorite videos and download them from YouTube, for free!

Create and download playlists 

YouTube allows you to create playlists of the video content that you like by putting them in a ‘folder’. With YouTube downloader, you can download the entire playlist at a go instead of having to download the individual playlist contents one by one which can be quite frustrating and cumbersome. Besides, you get to do this by using a single click that makes the process even much simpler.

Protection from viruses or malware

There exists a lot of video content available online over various web platforms. However, not all of them guarantee maximum protection against online hazards such as viruses and malware, among others. YouTube, however, is relatively safe and can be trusted to have safe content that would not harm your device. Therefore, downloading music and other video content from YouTube is highly advisable as it will give you quality content while protecting your device as well.


Online entertainment has become a significant part of our lives in society. YouTube is a major player in this field, providing lots of video content online that people use for various needs. Getting a quality online video downloader such as Viddly’s YouTube downloader helps in saving the liked videos on one’s device so that they are accessible even when they are not connected to the internet.