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Why You Should Do Email Sandboxing to Enhance Your IT Security

security Cybercrime is on the rise, and businesses are in constant fear that their valuable data could end up in the wrong hands. The concerns are warranted as many companies have not only lost money but had their reputations ruined too. Both small businesses and large corporations are not safe, so they need to be vigilant about reinforcing their IT security.

Email sandboxing has proved to be one of the most effective ways of preventing phishing attacks. Note that most phishing attacks are made through email attachments. Email sandboxing can enhance the security of your network in the following ways.

  1. Active security 

Hundreds of thousands of malware are released every day. As you are aware, the existing antivirus solution in your business may not be able to identify zero threats. That is why businesses who are looking for IT support should find a team that employs active cybersecurity strategies. Sandboxing helps your business to be aware of what is going on and tackle emerging threats.

The goal of sandboxing is to ensure that your business does not wait until disaster strikes to do damage control. It focuses on bypassing unknown threats and keeping your network clear of hackers at all times. Sandboxing works by dealing with both known and unknown threats, making it the most effective cybersecurity strategy.

  1. Opportunity for studying threats

An email sandbox provides a virtual environment that works the same way as the inbox, only that it is safer. Hackers are proactive about developing new tricks and using sophisticated technologies to launch their attacks. For instance, they send emails that look authentic, increasing the chances of your employees downloading the attachments carrying viruses.

The sandbox gives IT experts the opportunity to study new threats and current strategies being used by hackers to commit cybercrimes. With such understanding and insights, IT experts are better positioned to strengthen security and develop better security protocols.

  1. It is bulletproof

You cannot have a sound IT security strategy if you are only counting on antivirus alone to protect your network. Nobody works harder than hackers, as they are ever releasing new malware. The thing about antivirus programs is that they only protect against known threats. This is not enough. Your network needs something bulletproof, that cannot be bypassed. That is an email sandbox.

The beauty of using an email sandbox is that it tackles even zero-day threats. It can detect even the most sophisticated malware in your email attachments and alert you.

When it comes to cybersecurity, there is no room for error. 60% of small businesses that have been victims of cybercrime are never able to get back on their feet. Do not let your business shut down as a result of a phishing email. Talk to your IT support team to create an email sandbox to ensure that all emails sent to your employees’ computers are not from hackers. Email sandboxing is a sure bet when it comes to IT security.