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Why You Should Consider Amazon Brand Registration

amazon-brand There are two main types of vendors on Amazon: those who sell good produced by others, and those who sell their own goods. If you own your brand and you are selling products on Amazon, you will have access to a few more privileges than someone who is licensed to sell your things, but some businesses aren’t aware of this.

Over the course of our guide, we’re going to be looking at why branding is important for your company, how you can benefit from Amazon brand registration, and how you can go about it. More specifically, we’ll cover the pros and cons of registering your own business compared to having a professional do it.

The Importance of Branding

As you can imagine, branding on any platform is key to ensuring that you can expand your brand in the first place. If your customers can’t recognize your brand, you’ll have a harder time growing, and this is how the market works, but it extends far further than that when on Amazon.

For example, if you’re the official Amazon retailer of your product (as you produce it), you’ll show up first in searches for your product. You’ll also be able to benefit from customers seeing that you are the official brand and therefore placing more trust in your online marketplace, as opposed to a reseller.

Branding and Amazon Limitations

So what can you benefit from when you link your brand to its Amazon marketplace? First off, you’ll be able to see who is selling your product on Amazon so that you can ensure that only authorized resellers are stocking it. This helps eliminate any counterfeit versions of your product.

Linking your brand on Amazon also gives you access to how the searches work to scan the marketplace for goods that resemble your own. In the future, Amazon will also be expanding their branding suite to give you a much wider range of capabilities, so you’re best off already being set up.

Doing it Yourself vs. Using an Expert

When it comes to managing your brand on Amazon, you have two options. The first option is going through the branding process with Amazon yourself, which is going to take time and some effort on your part to learn. The benefit to this is that you’ll know how to do it for the future, but the downside is that it takes time.

Using an expert to brand your Amazon page, on the other hand, will be far more convenient and may end up costing your business less of an opportunity cost because you can focus on your job. In the end, you’ll end up dealing with less of an inconvenience and eliminate the chance of something going wrong when using experts.


In the end, Amazon brand registration is a relatively painless process that can expand your capabilities as a brand further.