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Why You Should Build Your Website On Drupal

website ux design Drupal is one of the most popular content management systems, as it underlies over 1.7 million websites that run like clockwork. This technology can give any business an edge thanks to the flexible design, high security, and easy accessibility from any screen. Discover 7 benefits of building a website on the Drupal framework.

This CMS has been chosen by famous brands and institutions from Tesla to the University of Oxford. Professional custom Drupal development provides companies with agile sites tailored to their needs. The versatility and open-source nature make Drupal a cost-effective choice. Here is why.

1. Open-Source Development

programing code Drupal is a powerful combination of core technology and flexible modules. Today, there are over 44,000 options available, with thousands in development. Anyone can access, use and improve Drupal, and the global community includes over 1 million experts passionate about enhancing the system. Thanks to the impressive variety, a business can cut its web development budget without sacrificing quality.

2. Amazing Flexibility

The design and layout of your site, as well as functionality, will be customizable. Professionals tap into a rich variety of tools, themes, and modules to accommodate their clients’ needs.

3. Quick Deployment

Websites are developed and launched fast, and companies continue to receive customizations support from web developers. They may modify their platforms, integrate reviews, add user feedback, etc. The flexibility of the look and functionality after launch is impressive.

4. Great for Enterprises

security Being an enterprise-level system, Drupal allows the integration of apps like SAP and phpBB. It suits the needs of businesses regardless of size and industry. Reliability, interoperability, and security are its important strengths.

5. API Support

APIs are constantly running back and forth between databases, apps, and devices. They ensure continuous data exchange and connectivity. If your website is built on Drupal, it will work seamlessly with Google Analytics, Facebook, Twitter, and other integrations!

6. SEO Boost

Search engine optimization allows businesses to reach the top positions in organic search results, and Drupal facilitates the rise in Google rankings. The developers create websites with SEO in mind, so promotions are a breeze. Your business will gain prominence to attract more leads and conversions.

7. Mobile Access

app-design The majority of consumers browse the internet using their smartphones. This means any website must look great on smaller screens, with quick loading and flawless navigation. Drupal guarantees a smooth user experience on any device. This is absolutely crucial, and companies that advertise on social media can be sure their visitors will be pleased with what they see once they tap the “Buy Now” button.

To Sum Up

This vibrant open-source system is focused on incessant development, and it has a lot to offer. Whatever the industry and size of your business, the benefits are substantial. Drupal experts will make your website SEO-ready and mobile-friendly in a flash!