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Why VideoProc is the best software to cut, merge, edit and process GoPro 4K video

1 2 4K videos are no longer an avenue only explored by enthusiasts. With phone cameras and GoPros, all capable of outputting these high-resolution clips, everyone is exploring the magic of 4K. But the trouble begins once you dump your footage onto your computers. Sometimes, these clips just won’t play or at times, they would get captured horizontally. And there’s no denying the fact that these files take up too much space on your hard drive.

VideoProc is the solution to all these problems, and more. The USP of this software is that it allows you to perform all the basic tasks that heavy programs like Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro do but within an incredibly simple and easy to understand user interface. So for someone who doesn’t know how to use these professional software, VideoProc is the best tool for processing 4K videos with easy-to-use functions, e.g. cut, copy, trim, merge, edit, resize, convert, Deshake, Denoise, Fix fisheye. Moreover, it’s also an incredibly light program which doesn’t demand a lot of processing power.

Let’s take a usage scenario. You’re back from your family holiday where you’ve shot tons of 4K footage using your GoPro or your iPhone. Now if you want to make those clips presentable before showing them to your friends or uploading them to your social channels, you will need to cut, merge and edit them beforehand. This is where a 4K video processing software like VideoProc comes into the picture.

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VideoProc’s interface makes it an extremely easy tool to use. On opening it, you are greeted with four icons, namely, Video, DVD, Downloader and Screen Recorder. In order to process 4K videos, you will of course need to enter the Video section. Here, the interface will guide you towards importing your desired files. Once that’s done, a bar at the bottom will show you the various formats you can have your video converted into and powerful toolbox to process your video by click “Toolbox”.


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With its Cut feature: it lets you shorten your clips by removing the unnecessary portions at the start and end. This also lets you save space, as the size of the new video gets reduced. Another method of saving space is converting the new files into lighter formats like H.264 and others. Presets for converting the files to be viewable on Android, iOS and other devices also exist. And you can even have the resolution of your 4K files reduced if you so please.

Practical Corp Features: one of the many benefits of shooting in 4K is the ability to zoom into a subject later on, without losing much resolution. VideoProc’s Crop feature is meant to do just that. You can crop your video as much as you want or use presets like letterboxes, 16:9, 1:1 and more. And if you’re a content creator, you can even use this tool for adding subtitles to your clips.

16 Effects for Option: there’s even an Effects section that lets you transform your clips with filters like greyscale, mirror, vintage, Technicolor and more. But what’s more important is a toolset aimed at letting you adjust the brightness, contrast, saturation and hue in your 4K videos. This is an incredibly simple way of saving certain clips that have come out too dark.

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Stabilizing shaky 4K GoPro footage is another area where VideoProc shines. This is something that not many consider important until they see the results of stabilizing their videos. There are a few other such tools included in the repertoire of this software, like GIF creation, lens correction, watermark placement and the ability to remove background/wind noise from your clips.

Work as powerful A-to-B Video Converter: as if all this wasn’t enough, the makers of this program have also blessed it with a DVD backup and video converting tool. Built with 370+ input and 420 + output formats, VideoProc gives you to freedom to convert any video, music and DVD into a MP4, FLV, MKV, MP3, AAC, files, etc, freeing you from the hassles of storing the discs for eternity.

VideoProc Crop

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More video processing features: it allows you to split large video into small parts, trim unwanted parts, merge video clips into one video, reduce disturbing noise, rotate & mirror video, take snapshot, etc. VideoProc even features a Downloder section that lets you grab videos from YouTube in their original resolution. Lastly, if you’re someone whose work involves screen capturing, you’re in luck, as this software does that as well.

In order to process 4K video quickly, this software employs level-3 hardware acceleration, which makes the conversion 5 times faster as compared to HWEnc-only tools. This means that the software effectively offloads compute-intensive operations from the CPU to the GPU. The result is incredibly fast conversion speeds.

On the right-hand side will be the option to select Hardware acceleration. Here you will also see an option named Merge. Checking this will ensure that two or more clips get merged into one single file, saving you a lot of space. At the top, you also have icons for importing entire video folders or even audio files for converting them into other formats.

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Once you’ve imported your desired 4K file, the prompts for cutting, cropping, watermarking, subtitling, rotating and adding effects are placed right below the clip to make them easy to find. Once you’re done making your changes, all you need to do is press the big blue Run button to have the resultant file ready.


VideoProc is priced at $29.95 for a one-year license and $42.95 for a lifetime license. But you can of course download a trial version right now for free. It has limited abilities, but it sure does give you a good idea of what this product is all about. You can now even participate in the VideoProc New Release Celebration Sweepstake which gives you the chance to win a brand new GoPro Hero 7 and some GoPro accessories.

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