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Why TikTok Followers Are So Important

tiktok-app The internet industry has seen rapid changes. Particularly in the Social media arena, services have come and gone. The competition is obviously intense. However, Tiktok stands out from the rest. This platform has risen exponential, particularly among teenagers.

Unless you are living under a rock, you’re probably aware that TikTok is a platform for sharing short videos. ByteDance owns this video sharing app and it is currently valued at around 75 billion which is even higher than Uber as of now.

It just shows the importance of this platform and why TikTok followers are important for success especially for marketers.

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Here are some reasons why you should capitalize on TikTok and collect as many followers as possible.


World-renowned brands like Fenty Beauty, Nike, and Apple Music have already capitalized on TikTok. TikTok hasn’t offered an advertiser option in North America still, but its apparently testing apps since January 2019. Some ads have been noticed including the viral Kingdom of Hearts promo by Disney.

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The Chinese version of the platform sells newsfeed ad placements and splashes that racks up more than a million Renminbi every day. Branded hashtag challenges, ad placements, and native video ads are accessible in Japan as well.

TikTok dominates a lot of key markets particularly in Asian countries like China and Japan which can be properly utilized for increasing your brand awareness in these key territories.

TikTok’s Influencer Marketing

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Established companies like Universal Pictures have taken advantage of TikToks influencer marketing. To attract audiences for the premiere of The House with A Clock in Its Walls, Universal Pictures connected with established TikTok creators to relay their branded content.

In China, Douyin is signing up influencers some of whom charge as high as 100,000 Renminbi for a single post.

Social media users are losing their trust and interest in celebrity influencers. There is a general risk of associating with this large audience influencers. Consumers generally don’t want to purchase from brands associated with influencers with whom they cannot connect with.

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Instead, consumers are now turning to modest and niche experts who provide content that they love seeing. Tiktok is infamous for accommodating nano and micro-influencers. The video-sharing app also allows anyone to easily and quickly establish a community around their content. Generating large views in a short period of time. It’s a great way of connecting with potential customers.

Raw And Quick Trend Jacking

If you want to be portrayed as a brand that’s trendy and relevant, you have to be quick and drive as much engagement as possible.

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Production value is often sacrificed for speed but this is no longer the case. These days, users are more enthusiastic about raw and unique content if its on-trend. This isn’t something unique, even twitter utilizes this trend.

But TikTok provides you with a platform where you can create unfiltered content quickly with minimal effort.

This provides you with an opportunity to produce content that’ll grab the attention of the user.

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Building Communities

The landscape in which people consume social is rapidly and drastically changing. It’s no longer about individuality but what you are accomplishing as a community. People like belonging to a niche of the community. Building community projects, discussing with people of similar interests, and sharing ideas together is what matters most currently.

Most of the major social media channels were aware of this and incorporated groups as a part of their strategy. For instance, Facebook has amassed over 400 million group members all over the world.

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And when it comes to TikTok, you can clearly see that community forms an integral part of the platform. A large chunk of the platform’s content is trend-driven. Many of its users creatively react to other people’s viral posts. The trendy duets are a great example of this. With TikTok, you can add responses to other users’ videos for collaborations.

TikTok has found a great way of satisfying the kinship many users desire and at the same time prevents the toxicity that other platforms suffer from.

Anti-Marketing Marketing

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It’s quite obvious that a significant portion of the young generation abhors advertisements. Most use ad blockers for this reason. This implies that the conventional methods of SEA and SMA won’t appeal to the youngsters as it did for the previous generation.

The correct approach is to be as less intrusive as possible. It is related to the idea of community. This new generation of trendy social media users wants to collaborate with brands that are on their level. So it’s essential that you design your brand according to the community you are targeting.

TikTok is a fantastic app for this. Many brands have created their own channels on the video-sharing platform personalized to cater to the preferences of TikTok’s user base. And these efforts are already paying off.

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NFL taking note of the lucrativeness of TikToks appeal started advertising on TikTok in 2019 and has already garnered over 541k fans. They have mastered designing content to appeal to TikTok users.

User-Generated Content

Authenticity remains a major factor when it comes to choosing brands for a lot of consumers. Imitation is simply not tolerated.

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The general trust on social media has waned over the years especially due to fake news. Thanks to the newness of TikTok, it generates a lot of authentic content that compels users to regularly use the app.

Thanks to its concentration on UGC, the platform produces a lot of authentic content relying on customer advocacy and not just on marketing strategy. This way people talk about your brand simply because they love it.

For your TikTok strategy, make sure that you emphasize on UGC as much as possible. Become a part of the discussion and ensure that the discussion gets directed to your brand.

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It is essential for any brand to stay updated if they want to succeed. Social media channels are a powerful way to relaying your brand’s message to a wide audience and its essential that you are always on the hottest apps. While a new trendy platform emerges, it is critical that you join the bandwagon and engage with your audience.

Currently, TikTok is witnessing an impressive upward trajectory. With a user base composed of Z generation, your marketing strategy should incorporate TikTok for success. Thanks to unique design, you are sure to connect with a large audience that’ll respond positively to your content.

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