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Why Succeeding At Digital Is All About Knowing Your Audience?

social-media As an increasing number of companies start to make their plays in the digital space, it is crazy to see how some fail abjectly while others fly so well. To the uninitiated, it might seem like the results are completely random, but this is very far from the actual case. The problem is that success in the digital realm is dependent, not on the technology, but on an understanding of the audience.  not on the technology, but on an understanding of the audience. Yes, the technology needs to work, that probably goes without saying, but it is the understanding of the audience that is most crucial as success is dependent on engaging with them in ways that are familiar and convenient for them. Here are some tips to help her succeed.

Use the right platform

From a brand perspective, it is critical to be aware of the fact that your audience won’t necessarily interact on the same platforms that you do. Obviously, if you are a representative of the target market then it might be a different scenario, but many brand and campaign managers are not representatives of the target markets. In other words, don’t assume that Facebook and Instagram are good places to target if you are looking to engage with a youth audience – Snapchat and Tik Tok might be much more effective, even if you don’t use them personally. Or don’t go and hire the best team in iPhone app development Sydney has to offer, if your audience is still a feature phone orientated, USSD using demographic. This is all about planning and understanding the audience because a winning campaign suits their needs, not those of the brand managers and managing directors.

Look at what works

We all know that knowledge is power, and we also know that one of the strengths of digital is that it is all trackable. In other words, it is very easy to monitor what is working and what is not. Look around for data analytics companies Sydney has plenty to choose from. These are the experts who will tell you what is working and what is not. And based on their intelligence and insight you can then decide how to spend your budget. Don’t commit everything upfront and leave yourself in a situation where nothing can be changed. Rather conceive a campaign and then monitor it closely while it is live. Then push spend to the areas that are getting the best results.

User Experience

Originality is very important, and people really value it, but it is also important to ensure that whatever you create is still a good user experience for the people engaging with the platform. They will need to be able to navigate it and to move seamlessly through their engagements. User experience experts are critical to any campaign as repeat usage and viral interactions are dependent on users enjoying the experience the first time. So set the bar high and ensure that the target market is able to connect with the campaign by tailoring things like technology, language and digital best practice into one incredible experience.