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Why Should You Get A Preconfigured VPN Router?

wireless-router With more countries adopting invasive policies, limiting freedom of speech, and indulging in Mass Surveillance, taking your online privacy seriously has never been more imperative.

On the sidelines, hacking attempts have seen a massive increase over the past 5 years, along with an increase in identity theft, ransomware, cyberstalking cases.

Following this shift in the cybersecurity environment, investing in a VPN solution is vital. However, what most do not know is that leveraging privacy should not be limited to a single device only.

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There are plenty of websites that do guide users on how to set up and use a VPN on their Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices, but none state it’s imperative to leverage privacy on ALL of them.

Why You Need a VPN Connection 24/7?

A good VPN service does gives the option of multi-logins, with names like Surfshark even going as far as offering unlimited simultaneous connections.

This does work well for individuals who live alone and just use a VPN for unblocking websites/VoDs when necessary, but what about a family home?

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Should everyone have a different VPN subscription? No right! This is where preconfigured VPN routers come in, helping you leverage anonymity on all home devices.

This even includes your Smart TVs, tablets, and any other internet-enabled device. From your ISP, government agencies, to hackers, everyone is after your information.

By getting a preconfigured VPN router, you will simply have to connect to the Wi-Fi of your home, and you will instantly leverage maximum anonymity and privacy.

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Not only does this eliminate the need to connect/disconnect every time you want to use a VPN, but it also helps in securing all devices in your home from invasive eyes.

Since you will be connected to a 24/7, you can also instantly unblock platforms like Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime, and the recent Disney Plus, outside the US.

Go for a Provider that Offers Dedicated IPs

Surely, staying connected to a VPN 24/7 will protect you online, but since most routers use dynamic IPs, you may face trouble in accessing local websites and performing banking transactions, etc.

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This is where getting a VPN that offers both: preconfigured routers and dedicated IPs comes in handy. You can add one to your router or even your device by paying a minimal cost.

For this cost, you can access your “LAN” network from anywhere in the world. This allows those at home to avoid having to always fill out captchas (a common problem when using a VPN service).

At the same time, it allows you to access local websites and streaming services, all the way from another country and location. For instance, If you are located in the UK, by a dedicated IP in the US, you can unblock the US version of Netflix, minus any hassles.

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It would not matter if you are using a VPN on your iOS, Android, Mac, or Windows device. Simply connecting to the dedicated IP will grant you all benefits of staying secure online, while making sure you do not get highlighted when accessing private accounts with multiple IPs (with a dynamic IP VPN).

Wrapping Things Up

There is a general lack of awareness about VPN routers and dedicated IPs, and it is incredibly alarming because these two tools used in conjunction are the best way to secure your identity online, at all times.

Names like PureVPN offer both: dedicated IPs and preconfigured routers at the most reasonable pricing. However, you can always try out a different provider, based on your needs and requirements.

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The main takeaway is that you should not play around with your privacy anymore, as the virtual world is only going to continue becoming more invasive in our personal lives. By using preconfigured routers and dedicated IPs in conjunction, you can always stay a step ahead!