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Why Invest In Apple: 9 Reasons For College Students

apple-student Apple Inc. is well known for two things — high quality and high prices. This corporation not only invests in the future, but continuously creates technological progress. At the same time, Apple is one of the most popular brands in the world.

The popularity and high quality of products contribute to a pricing policy that may seem out of reach, especially for students. iPhones, iPads, and Macs are more expensive than similar products from other brands. So why spend money on Apple products if there is a cheaper alternative?

From this article, you’ll learn the answer to the question: “Why to invest in Apple?” You’ll also learn about what makes Macs for students a great choice.

  1. Longevity justifies high prices.

The reliability of Macs isn’t an urban legend based on empty words. Thanks to the seamless cooperation of hardware and software, a Mac can last forever (approximately), and PCs frequently fall victim to viruses, bugs, and depreciation. In the long run, a Mac is totally worth the money!

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  1. There are no third parties.

The simpler the system, the better it works. This rule applies to any sphere, and it also works when it comes to electronics. Microsoft provides software for a wide range of well-known PC brands: Dell, Toshiba, Asus, HP, Lenovo, etc. But the hardware itself is not a part of their business.

And here is the problem: the union of Microsoft’s software and another company’s hardware doesn’t always work flawlessly. It takes much time to fix bugs for various PC models, and you never know whether the updates will work correctly.

When it comes to Macs, everything is simple: Apple provides both hardware and software.

  1. Macs guarantee the safety of your information.

Today, information is the most valuable resource. Digitization makes everything easier: we can store and analyze huge amounts of data. On the other hand, all of our precious photos, videos, and documents can be erased in a few seconds if a virus gets to them.

If you use a Mac and other Apple devices, you have access to two amazing features: Time Machine and iCloud. They’re simple solutions for the problem of backing up your data. We don’t always remember or have time to ensure the safety of our information. And your Mac will save your precious dissertation for you automatically!

  1. Viruses aren’t a problem.

Sometimes, they certainly are. But Apple users feel much safer while using a computer than the owners of Microsoft PCs. The same applies to malware and spyware. And, of course, if you have any problems with your Mac, you always know where you can fix it.

  1. Macs for students are easier to buy and sell.

We aren’t talking about the price — it’s obviously higher than for computers of other brands. A Mac is easier to buy because you don’t get terrified by the number of possibilities. The choice is limited, and you don’t have to be a computer genius to select the best option for you.

And you may sell your Mac in a couple of years for a bigger price in comparison to other PCs — second-hand Apple computers cost much more in comparison to other brands.

  1. All (or almost all) upgrades are free.

While you usually have to pay for every new version of Windows (you may upload an illegal version, but it’s not the same thing), Apple provides its users with free updates. Of course, they can be quite surprising sometimes, but we all make mistakes.

Apple also releases updates regularly, to compete with Microsoft’s updates: they fix bugs and make the interface better and more user-friendly on a regular basis.

  1. Macs look great.

Aesthetics aren’t the most important when it comes to picking your computer. But, let’s be honest, having an elegant design is a great advantage of Macs. They are light, and they feel nice. Macs look stylish and attractive in photos, and they can become a natural part of your look. Plus, you can find thousands of various cases online to make your Mac even more beautiful!

  1. Multiple Apple devices work together.

The integration of Apple devices is off the charts. You don’t need any complex systems or drivers. Your iPad and iPhone will synchronize with your new Mac with no extra effort. Just a few clicks will give you the opportunity to use all your devices as one big Apple ecosystem.

  1. You know what you pay for.

Of course, Macs might be overvalued because of Apple’s strong and effective marketing strategy. But you aren’t only paying for a brand; you are paying for a reliable computer with a great number of advantages. Attractive design, flawless software, and safety of information — that’s what you are really paying for.

Apple for students is the best choice.

Macs aren’t impeccable. The interface can be unusual for users who are used to Windows or Linux, and you can’t buy a Mac for peanuts. However, the list of benefits is longer than the list of disadvantages. And you now have nine answers to the important question: “Why invest in Apple?”