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Why Desktops Won’t Die Anytime Soon

gaming-pc It surely seems inevitable that the desktop PC is going to be a thing of the past – after all, they’re large and take up a lot of space on a desk. The conventional wisdom is because desktops are larger that they’re eventually going to become less ubiquitous. While this is a reasonable assumption, the reality is desktops provide many advantages for gamers, and because gaming is rapidly growing as a purpose for computing, the desktop is as safe as ever.

There are plenty of reasons gamers love the desktop PC. Whether it is purchasing specific gaming accessories like a mechanical gaming keyboard, 4K monitor, or a brand-new GPU, these accessories can only work ideally on a desktop. This is one of the main reasons that desktops are still a popular choice for computers.

Here are some reasons the desktop is here to stay:


People who purchase desktops in commercial settings keep them on average for 5 years with 25% of these users hanging on to the desktop for 7 years. In the same study, laptops are replaced in half the time, meaning that the desktop is a more reliable computer. This is notable because commercial settings are more demanding than private users. So, if a desktop is able to handle the demands of a commercial workplace, it’s easy to see how they are a favored computer for the home.

Stretch Your Dollar

Desktops are less expensive than laptops, tablets, and other devices. Now, in terms of price tag, they may seemingly cost the same as a laptop, but the reality is, you’re getting double the power on a desktop that you would on a laptop. This applies to nearly every facet. Desktops have greater RAM, faster processing speeds, and more powerful GPUs. For Gamers, this means your investment in a desktop takes your dollar to its maximum value, while with a laptop you’re compromising on performance for convenience.

Easy to Modify

Think of a desktop-like modifying a car. When you have a bigger car, it is easier to get new parts in there. Same with a desktop. Laptops require nimbler fingers and many times can’t be modified. A desktop, however, can constantly be modified depending on your needs. In fact, you can constantly swap out parts as new ones come on the market. The ability to change things out is unique to the desktop and is a reason that gamers mostly prefer the desktop to a laptop.

Easy Fixing

The biggest problem with laptops is that if you need to repair them you can’t – unless you are very skilled. There are so many small parts making it complex to see if there are loose connections. Desktops, on the other hand, are easy to fix. Many times, all you need to do is remove the hood and the problem is easy to see. Whether it’s a loose cable or something similarly vexing, the ability to look around allows you the convenience of ascertaining the problems and finding less costly solutions. Laptops, unfortunately, are expensive to fix and many times need to be replaced.


For computer enthusiasts, one of the most rewarding experiences is building a desktop from the ground up. Getting your preferred motherboard, processor, GPU, storage (SSD or HDD), along with other peripherals is extremely enjoyable. Some folks even turn this into a business. Instead of having to accept what the manufacturer offers, you can set up a desktop to run on exactly the specifications that you’ve always wanted. You can build a dream desktop; the process is far more complex with a laptop.

Multiple Monitors

Unlike a laptop, you can hook up as many monitors to a desktop as you would like. For gamers, this has another awesome advantage – you can play a game on one monitor while doing other work on another monitor – such as taking part in a chat or planning out some other part of the game. Business professionals love dual monitors because they can have multiple tasks going on at once and be even more productive. Laptops are unable to replicate this and if you go through the trouble of purchasing another monitor, the set up is, at best, clunky and inefficient.

You Always Know Where Your Desktop Is

As hard to believe as it seems, laptops are always being misplaced or stolen because of how portable they are. A built-in advantage of the desktop is that it’s pretty difficult to pilfer. You can’t just bring it anywhere. A laptop can go in a bag and bags can be left on the train, in a library, or in many other places. This is a very expensive loss and it could result in your personal information falling into the wrong hands. Sometimes, portability is a major disadvantage.

Usable Peripherals

The biggest problem you have with laptops is there are just not enough ports for all the different things that you need to have connected. A great example of this is needing a USB hub just so you can connect a wireless mouse, charge and sync your smartphone, connect a cooling pad, and more. With a desktop, there are so many different ports that you can easily connect all your peripherals. In fact, desktops have become ridiculously peripheral friendly. The bottom line is if there’s a way to connect it, the desktop has it. For gamers, this is vitally important because the peripherals are what’s needed to make the gaming experience that much more enjoyable.


When the home computer was first available, they were monstrous. Today’s computers are much smaller and more functional. Miniaturization isn’t always better though, and the reason the desktop survives is because it is at the peak of efficiency. You get the most out of it in terms of money spent, and you also get to have a computer that fits exactly your needs. Whether it’s the ability to customize, repair, or just be secure that your computer is where you left it, the desktop is here to stay and that is a wonderful, comforting thought.