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Why Browser-Based Games Are Not Yet Dead

Flash was a technology used to make web-based animations. It was also used to develop many of the web-based games we saw online about a decade ago. With the discontinuation of flash, there was the sentiment that web-based games would be dead in a short while. Contrary to this thinking, web-based games are still alive and very popular in certain gaming circles. In this article, we will explore some reasons why web-based games are not dead despite the discontinuation of flash.

New Technologies

flash player logo After the discontinuation of Adobe Flash, developers realized that they had to use technologies that were meant for the browser such as JavaScript and HTML5. With these technologies still in use to create all websites (bar some for JavaScript), developers who created web-based games saw their value and simply switched over to these technologies.

Because these technologies are the building blocks of almost all websites, we can expect to continue seeing web-based games on our browsers for a very long time.

Hassle-free Gaming

Slot Game Apart from those who want to tinker with hardware and software, many gamers just want their games to work. Because of this, they do not want to go through the process of setting up their hardware and games to work together. With how complicated modern games have become to install, patch, and keep up to date, who can blame them?

On the other end of the spectrum, we have browser-based games that require no installation. You might be prompted to create an account to save your information, but, for the most part, all you have to do is open a browser and start playing.

We have also seen some industries such as the casino industry adopt this line of operation to make their games more accessible to players. There are thousands of websites offering casino games out there, such as Maple Casino, which allow you to simply sign up, log in, choose a game, and start playing.

No Minimum Spec Requirements

Car Racing Game If you wanted to install a modern game today, one of the first things you would have to check is the minimum requirements for playing the game. Some games might be conservative with these requirements, but many modern games require the latest hardware, or one from no more than a generation ago, to even start. If you do not want to spend money getting the latest gear, there is always the option of playing web-based games.

Since the games run on your browser, it does not matter what your computer’s specs are as long as it can open a browser. There might be some memory requirements, but these do not usually exceed what your browser needs by much.

They are Inexpensive

With modern games going for an average of $40, it is easy to spend large sums of money creating a game library. However, most web-based games are free, instead of relying on ads for monetization. You also get the added cost benefit of not having to buy expensive equipment as we have discussed above.

You still have to contend with ads, some of which might be very intrusive as well as keeping tabs on where you play what games.

Easy For Beginners

Browser Game If you have never played games before, at least not with some level of seriousness, you might find some modern games too complicated. There is a lot to master and remember, skills to develop as well as scores, updates, and upgrades to keep track of.

Many people do not like this, instead opting for the simplicity afforded by web-based games. They can start the game and master everything they need to play and succeed in a few minutes. This way, they do not spend any time learning how the game works and instead spend that time playing the game.

Nostalgia Factor

River Fun Game Nostalgia is a very strong factor for certain gamers when choosing games. There are so many games that have disappeared and appeared as web-based games. Titles like some Super Mario Bros games and Sonic can only be found on old consoles, played through emulators, or on a browser.

There are full websites dedicated to older games like these, with thousands and even hundreds of thousands of players visiting these sites every month to play their favourite childhood or older games.

Browser Familiarity

One last thing keeping web-based games afloat is browser familiarity. If you use a computer, you already know how to use a keyboard and mouse. Browser-based games use the same inputs for their controls. This familiarity makes it even easiest to get started with these games.

Despite what many people think, web-based games are still going strong, it only depends on where you are looking for them. There are communities dedicated to keeping them going, in addition to all the other factors discussed above.