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Why Are Good VPNs Expensive?

Every day, people all over the world face a common problem: they want to be able to browse the internet securely and privately. However, they don’t know where or how to do it. This is because most VPNs are either too expensive or not worthy in terms of protection and privacy.

Since there’s such a high demand for good VPNs such as surfshark, very few meet those demands. Many people turn back to their less-than-perfect options, sometimes without even realizing what they’re giving up.

But with this article as your guide, you will learn why some VPNs cost more than others and what makes them worth that price.

What Makes a Good VPN Expensive?



Several factors affect the price of a good VPN. This includes but is not limited to:

The Number of Servers

Usually, a good Virtual Private Network has more servers than a cheap one since it’s easier for them to afford it. And that means they can provide you with more connection options and faster speeds.

This way you will not experience buffering while watching your favorite show on Netflix or playing games. Even if you experience speed issues, you can always connect to another server.

Customer Support

Since bad customer support can ruin your whole experience, they usually hire more agents to make sure you get the help that you need. Hiring more agents means the company has to pay them due to which their subscription charges are also high.

You will see mostly quality VPN services provide excellent customer support. This is because the company has a lot of employees in their customer care unit due to which they can handle more requests per day.

The Protocols and Encryption

ssl encryption Good VPNs use advanced protocols and encryption while cheap ones don’t. This makes an expensive VPN faster and safer than other options in the market.

But if speed is what you’re looking for, then you should consider the number of servers instead.

Finally, good VPNs use advanced security protocols and encryption. Some of the most common ones include:

IKEv2 – It offers reliable and fast connection speeds with strong security.

OpenVPN – This protocol is known for its speed and high level of security. However, it’s not as user-friendly as others which makes it more difficult to set up and use.

L2TP/IPSecThis protocol might not be as strong as OpenVPN but it’s still effective against most security threats. Plus, you can easily install the VPN on your device by following its guide.

PPTP – If speed is what you’re looking for in a VPN, then PPTP might be the right option. However, it’s not exactly secure so you should avoid using it if you can.

If you want to make sure your VPN uses good encryption and protocols, then read its technical specifications carefully before deciding on buying one.

Speed and Optimization

Good VPNs also improve their servers’ performance to make sure they can handle more requests. In some cases, it’s even possible for the company to add more servers without having to increase their subscription cost.

In other words, you will experience faster speeds with a good VPN even if it has a high number of users connecting at the same time.

Not only do they have more services but also they keep their system and servers optimized to increase speed and performance. This also ensures a smooth experience when connecting to servers.

What Makes an Expensive VPN Different From a Cheap One?

intermet vpn mobile Good VPNs have better optimization. This is why they are faster and more secure than other options on the market. The encryption that they use should be able to protect you from any threats while the server should offer fast speeds for streaming.

Since these features can impact your experience in big ways, it makes sense that you’re willing to pay more for them.

The next thing that makes a VPN expensive is its customer support. This is because they can answer your questions and solve any issues quickly and efficiently. What’s more, it must be available at all times so that you can get in touch with it anytime you may need help.

Final Thoughts

So, as we can see, a cheap VPN and an expensive one is very different. If your goal is to save some money on your purchase, then you should know that it’s not always wise to go for the cheapest option available.

Instead, consider the features that you want in your VPN before making a choice. And if speed is what you’re looking for, then you should read our guide on how to find fast VPNs.

And of course, if you’re having some issues with your VPN or any questions about it, make sure to contact its customer support team right away.

That way, you can be sure that it will help you as soon as possible.

We hope this article has been insightful and thank you for reading!